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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's new cabinet was sworn in this afternoon.

 New cabinet 2021 in Gujarat today UPDATE

 Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel's new cabinet was sworn in this afternoon.

Opinion Breaking News:

 New CM Bhupendra Patel in action

 Appointment of four officers in CMO

 Replacement of Manoj Das and Ashwini Kumar

 Das was replaced by Pankaj Joshi as CMO

 Ashwini Kumar was replaced by Mrs. Avantika Singh

 Bharuch Collector M.D.Modia in CMO

 DH Shah also leaves CMO

 Ahmedabad DMC NN Dave appointed as CMO 

Late last night, reports of former Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitin Patel visiting former Chief Minister Shri Shankarsinh Vaghela at an unknown place, sparked a political earthquake in Gandhinagar.

Instructions came from Delhi to keep Gujarat cadre fixers Like KC away and he must not be entertained by any bureaucrat and official in the secretariat as well as those serving outside.  Certain fixers having allegiance with some top bureaucrats in the previous regime ruled the roost and minted money from all quarters.

 Now strict instruction from Delhi that such elements must be kept at a distance and their meddling in governance affairs will not be tolerated.

 Possibility of "no repeat" theory in new cabinet. 

Probable cabinet cake may be like this: Acharya, Bhuj

 Kirtisinh Vaghela, Kankraj

 Shashikant Pandya, Deesa

 Dr. Asha Patel, Unjha

 Rushikesh Patel, Visnagar

 Rajendrasinh Chavda, Himmatnagar

 Gajendrasinh Parmar, Prantij

 Kanu Patel, Sanand

 Rakesh Shah, Ellisbridge

 Arvind Raiyani, Rajkot

 Govind Patel, Rajkot

 Deva Malam, Keshod

 RC Makwana, Mahuva

 Jitu Varani, Bhavnagar

 Pankaj Desai, Nadiad

 Kuber Dindor, Santrampur

 Ketan Inamdar, Savli

 Manisha Vakil, Vadodara

 Dushyant Patel, Bharuch

 Harsh Sanghvi, Surat

 Vinod Mordia, Katargam

 Mohan Dhodia, Mahuva

 Naresh Patel, Ganadevi

 Kanubhai Desai, Pardi


 The biggest news of Gujarat politics

 Of CM Bhupendra Patel

 In the new cabinet

 The possibility of cutting all seniors

Cockroach confused about this issue 

 The swearing-in ceremony was expected to be held at 12.5 today

 When will the swearing-in ceremony still take place instead?

 No clarity on that point

 Still no notice to GAD-protocol departments

 The swearing-in ceremony is likely to take place today till late evening

 Account Allocation - For

 Cabinet likely to meet tomorrow.

 Vasan Bhai Ahir

 Yogesh Patel

 Bachu Khabad

 Leaders including Kumar Kanani reached out to former CM Rupani for a presentation.

 Some senior ministers may find a place 

Patel - 8
 SC 2

 (1) Rishikesh Patel (Visnagar) Patel)
 (2) Gajendra Parmar (Pratinj) OBC)
 (3) Kirit Singh Vaghela (Kankraj) Kshatriya

 (1) Naresh Patel, Ganadevi (st)
 (2) Kanu Desai, Pardi (Brahmin)
 (3) Jitu Chaudhary (Kaprada) ST
 (4) Harsh Sanghvi (Majura) Jain
 (5) Mukesh Patel (Olpad) Koli Patel
 (6) Dushyant Patel (Patel) Bharuch
 (7) Vinu Mordiya (Katargam) Patel

 (1) JV Kakadia (Dhari, Patel)
 (2) Arvind Raiani (Rajkot) Patel
 (3) Raghavji Patel (Patel) Jamnagar
 (4) Bridger Merja (Patel) Morbi
 (5) Deva Malam (Keshod) Koli
 (6) Kirit Singh Rana (Limbdi) Kshatriya
 (7) R.C.  Makwana (Mahuva, Bhavnagar (Koli))
 (8) Jitu Waghani: Bhavnagar West (Patel)

 (1) Jagdish Panchal (Nicole) OBC
 (2) Nimisha Suthar (Morwa Hadaf) ST
 (3) Pradip Parmar (Asarva) S.C.
 (4) Arjun Singh Chauhan (Mahemdavad) OBC)
 (5) Kuber Dindor (Santrampur) ST
 (6) Manisha Advocate: SC

* Bhapendra Patel. Chief Minister .... * Team Gujarat *
 Kirit Singh Rana..Limdi
 Jitu Waghani .. Bhavnagar
 Kanubhai Desai ... Pardi
 Raghavji.C.  Makwana ... Mahuva
 Hrishikesh Patel..Visnagar
 Brijesh Merja ... Morbi
 Devabhai Malam..Keshod
 Naresh Patel ... Ganadevi
 Arvind Raiani ... Rajkot
 Harsh Sanghvi ... Surat
 Manisha Vakil .. Vadodara
 J.V.  Cucumbers .. Guess
 Gajendrasinh Parmar..Prantij
 Mukesh Patel ... Olpad
 Raghavji Patel .. Jamnagar
 Jagdish Panchal ... Ahmedabad
 Nimisha Suthar ... Morwa Hadaf
 Pradeep Parmar .... Asarva
 Jitu Chaudhary ... Kaprada
 Nimaben Acharya ... Bhuj .. (Acting Assembly Speaker)
 Kirtisinh Vaghela ... Kakraj
 Arjun Singh Vadhela ... Mahemdavad
 Dushyant Patel ... Bharuch
 Kuber Dindor .... Santrampur
 Shashikant Pandya ... Deesa

 Pankaj Desai .... Dandak

 New Minister 

 Read the news in detail.

ABP અસ્મિતા LIVE NEWS  અહિથી જુઓ

VTV GUJARATI  લાઇવ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો  

GSTV લાઇવ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Save this link. You can watch the live swearing-in ceremony from this link.

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