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Thursday 29 July 2021

Syllabus Declaration of Teacher Readiness Survey2021

 Syllabus Declaration of Teacher Readiness Survey

  How many questions will be asked from which department

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Decision.  Corona - Janjivan against transition with Kovid-19 transition Ahmedabad - 2 more TDPs for planned urban development to be approved  With the approval of the scheme, a new public life roll named CM 1 to speed up the development works will get the final touches to the land management.  In order to undo these two speeds, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, especially in the Vimalpuransnathal-Navapur area, has given 13 TP schemes in a single day, with a total commitment of 19 

.  Will be important for planned urban development in the state.  Cut TP scheme no. In Bhavnagar city.  With the approval of the Chief Minister for mobility and transparency in the approval of Dul ​​DP, TP, 3 (or) 9 TP schemes have been approved in Bhavnagar city with the approach last year, out of which 3 drafts have been sanctioned after this TP scheme. 

 The city has TP, 3 preliminary and 3 final TP.  With the approval of these 5 TPs by the Chief Minister, the planning of TP 2020 will also be expedited.  As a result of this approved TP-12-Apivada, the plan of 5 hectare area has crossed half a century of approval of TP, DP in the state in a year.  The plot will be finalized as the authorities had a total of 15 jadars.  In this single year, he has allowed 20 TP, D, P with 3 draft TPs, 12 preliminary TPs and 3 final TPs as well as 3 draft development plans.  In this lot, about 4.5 hectares of land for the accommodation of socially and economically weaker sections, 3.50 hectares for open space gardens, public facilities / sports, the Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has given 31.50 hectares for urban areas of the state and infrastructural facilities.  

With the development, about 15.5 hectares of land for sale, housing, public facilities and infrastructure facilities have been found for sale to meet the cost for the economically and socially weaker sections. A total of about 20.5 hectares of land is to be decided by the authorities to acquire land.  With the speedy implementation of TP schemes, the Chief Minister has already achieved the approval of 100 TPs of the Prime Minister by giving priority to infrastructure works in the years 2012 and 2013.  Now, the Chief Minister has approved 3 more TPs in Gujarat in the year 2020 for quick realization of the approach of infrastructure growth.  It has also urged to work with the name of taking the lead.  Auda's two draft TP scheme no.  20 Visalpur and no.  In particular, after the approval of the draft scheme, the Chief Minister has taken up the process of taking possession of the final sections of Road TP Scheme No. 18 (Adhevada), Ahmedabad only, as per the provisions of the Act by the Drafting Authority of Bhavnagar-Visalpur-Navapur-Sanathal.  1 (Memnagar) and no.  ૪૭ (Motera has also given clear guidelines to the officers of the Town Planning Department to take immediate action and complete further without further delay. • -Koteshwar) and two final TP schemes in which Gudani no.  11 / A has approved TP3 of Adalaj and Rajkot.  GMDC Arts and Commerce College in Nakhtrana gets in-principle approval Mr. Pradyumansinh Jadeja, Nakhtrana, Border Area, Kutch District  If Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani does the work as an organization, he has given Nakhtrana and.  It may be mentioned that this Arts and Commerce College run by Kutch Vidya Pratishthan of Nakhtrana has been running by GMDC since 2001.  The state government has approved a grant-in-aid for the management of senior people's representatives in the area before Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani.  The Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has now allowed the young students from the surrounding villages of Nakhtrana to continue to work in the interest of the college as the Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai is working at home in the form of Grant in AE facility.  As on the spot.  Giving GMDC Nakhtrana Arts will be available and you don't have to go to Bhuj, Gujarat September 1, 2020

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 Syllabus for standard 1-5 teacher

 Syllabus for teachers of language and social sciences

 Syllabus for teachers of Mathematics-Science

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