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Saturday 3 July 2021

Std.1and 2 teachers have a special save file alphabet with pictures of the alphabet.

 Std. 1 and 2 teachers have a special save file - no alphabet with pictures of the alphabet.

Really awesome what a teacher can do  Look at the creativity of the teacher


Educational Values ​​in Education Sangeeta Patel 1 The main objective of education is to make human beings a society with a balanced personality and accepted citizens. Which can lead the country and the world on the path of upliftment. Value education is an integral part of education for the development of such personality, the basic purpose of education is to achieve all-round development. All-round development is realized from a qualitative point of view. The four roles of relationships are extremely important for this. The person's relationship with himself2. Person-to-person relationship3. 

Person'ss relationship with society 4. The relationship of a person to the whole of nature can include many things under these four roles. It is necessary for a person to be able to build a moral relationship with himself, a kind of harmony arises if there is cooperation, love, humanity, kindness, etc. in the person-person relationship. Orientation in relation to one's society, public service, social welfare. Matters are reprehensible and include maintaining the environment in balance with the nature of the person, use of frugal nature, pollution reducing matters etc. Falls . 

Thee objectives of education are (1) to take into account certain behaviors - (2) to respond appropriately (3) to adopt or confess (4) to adopt self-sustaining response (5) to assume value 6) to adjust or reinforce values ​​in a given situation (7) Assimilating certain values ​​or values, home, society, religion etc. have made important contribution in this activity for years and at the same time school is a service-institution for the society.

 The experiences that the child gets in school are the things that are asked to pay attention to. All this creates a sense of value in the students. Values ​​can be better strengthened if the school places values ​​as part of education. Meaning of Urine: In Bhagwadgomandal (2007) the meaning of the word value is as follows. ‘There is no other field more conducive to the value of reputation than the field of education. Chotlia (1993) writes. “Education is wirelessly regarded as a moral enterprise” “Value is an idea. Is the concept. 

મૂળાક્ષરો ની PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Thatt is, the idea or conception of something important in life, when a human being values ​​something, indicates that it is worth doing or trying to get something. "Students should have educational values ​​like regularity, discipline, cleanliness, scientific point of view, confidence, thought, patience, friendliness. Achieving physical, mental and spiritual success. The curriculum is run in the school. It also covers social, cultural, political as well as personal responsibilities. Yoga is about connecting the individual consciousness with the global consciousness. May, 2021

A must see PDF of this alphabet

 Let us salute this Guruji's art and send it to all the teachers, students and parents and praise this Guruji's art.

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