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Saturday 3 July 2021

Regarding releasing the Rotots 2.0 (School Accreditation Report Card), it is an important day in education sector in

 Regarding releasing the Rotots 2.0 (School Accreditation Report Card), it is an important day in education sector in Gujarat


Education,Regarding releasing the Rotots 2.0 (School Accreditation Report Card), 2021  

The factor should be education and testing. It is essential that the student's understanding develops. Aap Gurudev, a pillar of students' strength, conducts such intimate teaching work in a class of 30 to 35 minutes. Even if the teacher has a psychological vision or the bell rings, the boy says that sir, he should have knowledge of period psychology. Understand that you are a successful teacher when you continue to do the best for the nation by instilling character in the students. The responsibility of preparing the citizen should be taught to the students in the country in an original and simple style. Belongs to the same teacher. For the protection and development of the nation, the memory and comprehension ability of the education village boys must be emphasized on the personality of the student. Gandhiji, when he is huge, was introduced by Sardar Patel, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, "Make it interesting, educational. Don't waste unnecessary discussion or time in class. Discipline and education should run in parallel. The noble role of the teacher in the creation of great men. Never impose on us how the exams are. School is dependent. Prepare the exams by planning. With the approach of correcting the mistake, Magami has measured the scope of teaching work from the new semester. As soon as all these matters start to be implemented from the new semester, we will put the same commitment as a teacher. Contact: There are steps: Stress, Swimming and Drawing. These are the three roles, the tools of life. Stressing first, then swimming and then pulling out. Let him change it. Do this instead. This is not right and we have to change something to benefit from it. We are tense. If you do, it will happen in some life tools too. If my bhajan is from the beginning ... you will be tense, someone will show us some temptations. But during bhajan, during sadhana, if the situation becomes strong at the end, the

Then we will start swimming. We are floating, no temptations, no obstacles, no greed, no one can stop me and you. We are floating. That does not mean ego. But the water in front will be gone. In our fun, no one can pull us, the role of swimming has come. And the role of the swimmer when it is fully mature, then when the power to save another comes Grabbing it. As saints and gurus save others, these are the three roles, of life. All I have to say to you is, if we can't get someone else to do it, nothing, don't stress. Pujay Moraribapu ‘Peace is the need of every human being and yoga leads to inner peace. '- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar May, 2021 22

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 વિશે સંપૂર્ણ સમજ PDF download click Here

 For the first time the state of the state has been attempted to evaluate the 100% of the state under the Rotots 2.0. Through this effort, the accreditation report cards of schools have been released from the online portal. Schools are accepted by their own report cards, as well as the students of the students who have been accepted in their school development plan. Schools will be able to download their school report card from link. Director, GCERT - Gandhinagar

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