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Sunday 18 July 2021

Learn Roman numerals easily 1 to 100 use full all STD students and all

 Learn Roman numerals easily 1 to 100 

Education,Learn Roman numerals,All STD 1to12 Very usefull,

Learn Roman numerals easily 1 to 100 use full all STD students and all

Giving various development projects to Ahmedabad metropolis Various development projects worth Rs. 4,101 crore were presented to Ahmedabad metropolis through video conference from Gandhinagar.  

That.  In the presence of Das,  The Chief Minister said that in spite of the challenge of dedicating 12 different works worth Rs. 1 crore to satisfy the hopes and expectations of the people of Corona, there is a public interest oriented government which provides development works in Gujarat's metros and hasty decisions and development works of the state including Rs.  E-Khatmuhurat of works from Gandhinagar We maintained the momentum and came to the disaster to ask people for development works. 

Roman numerals

 Learn Roman numerals easily

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 Opportunity does not have to be turned upside down, but walking in front without asking is one of the five seeds of the Ahmedabad metropolis.  He added that the naming of this state government, which has given urban development works by this government, is and is a leading step of e-board development. 

⏩Video-2 (રમતા-રમતા શીખીએ રોમન અંક)

In this regard, the Chief Minister said,  He called on the Prime Minister to expedite the work, increase the number of people involved in development works, increase the planning scheme in order to continue the rehabilitation of slums, increase the urban welfare of the people under the redevelopment policy under Sabarmati, planning with advance in planning and increase in Ease of Living.  At the same time, people have taken ready steps in Paldi and Danilimda wards.  

⏩Video-3 (એનિમેશન સાથે Roman Number 1 to 50) 

Also did the draw.  Urban Authorities - The Chief Minister of Local Self Government, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri Mukhyamantri Shri.  , Where Mr. Shri Amulbhai, Chairman and Mr. Mukesh Puri, Additional Chief Secretary, Minority of Urban Development Housing Complex were present.  Local Self Government Institutions with Mantra from Gujarat to September, 2020 '

⏩Video-4 (એનિમેશન સાથે Roman Number 51 to 100)

 Puna Puppy to get a job as well as Rajpa's Pai Moh Mayi with his GDCR show in Maninagar.  He said that the 50-year-old hierarchy of the year has made me pass out. "Khelo Bhav Citizens know that HYM (Prime Minister Shri State Government has created such an atmosphere), Narendrabhai Modirna measured the role of everyone who has made a decision by 207,  In this regard, he said that now every area in Matongarinagar Nago of Gujarat is in a zip, more cities than Gujarat Pola Par and Khawai Maanagar Vima have got clean drinking water and accommodation has been completed.

⏩Video-4 (એનિમેશન સાથે Roman Number 51 to 100)

  He said that Bijaben Patel, a resident of the villages of Pai district of Gujarat, has adopted the approach of development in the metropolis in order to remain in the union of developed cities.  If only farming, 4  He expressed confidence that with the development works of Rs.  10 that gave details rather than pride of place.  He said that the Chief Minister of Vijayawadi Rupani, Shr

⏩Video-4 (એનિમેશન સાથે Roman Number 51 to 100)

 The corporation's waist is tight.  Not only that, it has spread to the masses, suggested to the office bearers, in the hygiene survey also the inspiration of these two grandchildren of more than 20 lakh Gujarat Chief Minister Shri has got drainage water not only in Gujarat but also in the metropolitan cities  Was.  Awareness about hygiene has come all over STP.  

⏩Video-4 (એનિમેશન સાથે Roman Number 51 to 100)

On the occasion of purification from tertiary treatment by Soras Pre Dr.  We are proud of the crown.  The Chief Minister, while re-using it for agriculture, dhog as well as Sally, Amdavad city, said that he also advocated for the welfare of the municipality and personal support for the high-rise building, civic and other development works, as a small result.  , Gujarat will become a water surplus state for public hygiene works with corporators from Ahmedabad.  So many videos were joined by Confjja.  0 WA R or IP}} One rvT was working Ger Gujarat 1 WR.020


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