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Friday 16 July 2021

Direct YouTube link to watch all the standard videos of today's Gyan Setu Bridge courseDate of 17/7/2021

 Direct YouTube link to watch all the standard videos of today's Gyan Setu Bridge course Date of 17/7/2021

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Dialogue comrades, the same is now in Khutter and Martin's sirkar.  In Nana Bum Bum Bum Tum # Maa Het, computer games are also very popular these days. These games are also played by children, even adults.  But there is no one in it.  No matter what happens to me, as many games as there are in the team, its theme is mostly found in me!  Dharu, 1 crank is kd kar, is. 

 There are so many khaidias in our country, so many concept katep (ma (there is katness app, you said, coriander, there is a rich party, our history has been, how many leaves we have on it)),  Can I? I say to the young talent of the country, to stay nama krit, ma tet pal), make small games of compost in India too and also make games startups in India, tomorrow in big big companies and in the world.  It is also said that - Let the games weggIn!  So it will be a mother's loss and let's start the game with the force of nails. 

 There are so many types it's hard to say.  Gujarat in the first order ... this is what, when we are not trying to make the country self-reliant, for the sake of Jeje, then this is not enough, children, to move forward with confidence, Napata  Viva's page is, in every field, the country is self-sufficient in 31st capacity !!  , To create a page.  Route 4 of the non-cooperation movement !!  Maybe, the seed that was sown in a very large form, the role is the page of nutrition, it is now also the stone of self-sufficient India.  

Transforming this into a mama banyan tree is our responsibility if you always have a heavy month in Gujarat.  In the form of Vallabhbhai Patel's Stage of Unity Nutrition Month, my dear countrymen, Indians will have a chance to go, and will be celebrated after Kovid.  To give innovation and solution of mind when it opens and mock you go!  The hunger for nutrition goes deep.  Everyone is aware of the potential and will find it, there is a new kind of nutrition we have there is a novelty when there is a price of dedication, there is a feeling, a park has been built.  ૨ Vote - Namu and Manu in the game ”then this power becomes infinite.  If the education of this genius is the same as with pleasure, then at the beginning of the month you can definitely see the youth of the country there.  An App Innovation Challenge was held in front of our psyche.  

This development also happens, experts say that the better the nutrition our infants get in childhood in the fetus and the self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge, the better it participated with great enthusiasm.  About 7 thousand entries are destroyed, mental development takes place and he stays healthy.  About two-thirds of the children's apps are just as essential for Tier two nutrition as Ma N is also fully nourished and made by the youth of Tier three cities. 

 This is not only a matter of nutrition but also a very auspicious sign for a self-reliant India, for the future of the country, what you are eating, how much you are eating, how often you have eaten  It has an app, Family Kits Learning App.  These are small children.  That means there is an interactive app for how many essential nutrients your career needs, with songs and elements, getting nutrients, iron, calcium, whether you are learning a lot in Mess-Science through stories, whether you are getting sodium,  Vitamins can be found.  

There is activity, there is sport.  Whether it is the same or not, Nutrition Week + Osh, Popan Kaam Hoy, it also has an app for a micro blogging platform, its name is: More and more awareness is being created through the medium, schools are ... or double O ...  Coo.  In it we have added the test, in Apathi mother tongue.  There are competitions for children, we can put our voice through video and audio, awareness is increasing, we are constantly trying for that, we can, we can interact.  Similarly, Chingari app comrades, if you like Sardar Vallabhbhai in Gujarat, it is also becoming popular among the youth.  There is an app Ask Patel has got a chance to go to Stagu of Unity, and Gujarat September 1, 2010

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