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Tuesday 1 June 2021

New program of standard 12 and standard 10 repeater examination announced new program for the year 2021

 New program of standard 12 and standard 10 repeater examination announced new program for the year 2021

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Keep a positive eye on board exams ... Patel Vipul d. The Kothari Commission has said that the future of India is unfolding in the classroom. In the current year, in the midst of the global epidemic of corona, 70 per cent of the students will be taken by the board of Std.

 Objective, when the proportion of questions is 30 per cent, the public examination of the board has to be given in a stress free and positive manner. During the global epidemic, school teachers have made great efforts to provide online or offline education. You (students) have made planned preparations sitting at home. There is no need to panic at such times. The result of one whose mind is cheerful is brilliant. The board's planning for the exam is wonderful and inspiring. The parents of the students also need not be afraid, to have a positive attitude at home with the students. Never say negative things. If not What if I fail? Stop giving frequent talk or instruction in teaching. Never compare a child with your child. Encourage him to be friendly. Watch it on TV. | Let the mobile play or watch is also a flourishing youth. Let the child be the child. Talk to him. Tell the good things of the great men of the world. Tell the student inspirational things. Be aware of his well-being, give him regular protein or nutritious food. Student friends, the purpose of study or learning is not only to pass the exam and get a degree, but also to prepare good citizens through Vidha. ‘The aim is to cultivate the ability to live life and earn money, so that student friends can cultivate a positive constructive vision by changing the narrow and negative view of exam logic. There is a need. The great men of the world have been very successful after failing. 

Theree is no need to be helpless. Hon'ble former Home Minister of India Bharat Ratna Sardar. Val Bhabhai Patel L Std. 10 (A ૯૭ SSC) failed. Still went to England and became the best and best barrister. Passed the four-year exam in a year and a half and received a prize of પા 50. For which he read 14 hours daily. Just change the approach, the result will be positive. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Strong mind, trust in confidence so you will definitely succeed. His staff used to make fun of him when he repeatedly failed to find Thomas Alva Edison bulbs. 

Thee same confidence that will one day succeed will give the gift of a light bulb that illuminates the world. Athlete Sachin Tendulkar 10 is a failure. But I love cricket all cricket is mine. There is a voice of flowing water, save me, otherwise the sea knows and pulls me. April 25, 2021

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