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Tuesday 1 June 2021

List of vacancies in Granted Secondary School

 List of vacancies in Granted Secondary School 

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Dr.  Sura Approach to education in the current situation has become a complex puzzle.  For tens of millions of student brothers and sisters, when they hope to do something new through education in their lives, the same obstacles arise.  The idea of ​​a happy and better future dictates our evolution, and from there begins to grow. One of the seeds of the curiosity of invisible knowledge, in the context of education and training, is the creation of nine ideas.  Seeding of new work.  Which can be called innovative in today's education system.  How many new discoveries, new technologies and new inventions have been made in the endless journey of human history.  New perspectives open up through new ideas and contemplation.  Whether it is life or education, we can keep ourselves alive and active through innovative practices.  Modern education prioritizes innovation.  If we continue to teach in the same traditional way, it will become dull and meaningless, which will prove to be dangerous for the education system and future generations.  We have understood the Kovid epidemic.  Now it's time to dump her and move on.  So why not take up this challenge and do something special?  I want to discuss some of the same innovations today.  Now the question is who is called innovation?  What kind of innovation can be called innovation?  Are there any criteria for innovation?  So is there a system to evaluate the current pile of innovations in that way?  And no, how can such new inventions be considered new?  Proper answers to all these questions are expected.  E.g.  Is it an innovation to make a nursery rhyme, script or play with the dialogues of a movie or a serial?  Is it an innovation to do the same classroom activities again?  Is it an innovation to resume any closed school activities?  Is it an innovation to start playing games like Kabaddi or Dhamalgota?  You can understand the answer to such questions which are not!  So who do we call innovation?  In this article we will discuss the points that are standard for innovation, which can guide teachers and innovators, as today thousands of teachers and researchers in Gujarat are creating innovation in different disciplines.  Coordinated by GCERT and IIM.  Ahmedabad does.  When it comes to documenting innovations, it is important to maintain their quality.  Any innovation becomes an inspiration for future generations only when there is scope for fundamentally constructive new thinking and higher knowledge creation.  Criteria for innovation: 1. Introduction to the topic Talk about innovation, in which the subject, field, activities and new ideas are briefly written.  

The whole innovation is mentioned in the summary.  Have spoken of an important principle.  Anyone have thought of a new approach.  Details on how to be useful to students and teachers.  In short, the role should be built in such a way that the whole innovation is known only in the preface.


  The innovator first understands these things and decides that what we are going to do is actually new, right? No teacher or researcher has done any example in this regard before .... It is necessary to give details of the innovations that have taken place or not. If yes 

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