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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Starting today, the family's nest has started the YouTube link of Safe and Warm 2.0. Useful to every child, teacher as well as parents.

 Starting today, the family's nest has started the YouTube link of Safe and Warm 2.0. Useful to every child, teacher as well as parents. 

Today Frist day on Parivar no maalo 

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The teacher also solves the student's personal problem.  Santosh Deokar 'Kho le, sharbo p, poly p.)

 The ghost spoiled her mouth!  !  Lao Glass, I become ch ((Dj,! My third lecture was going on in the class of fourth semester students. Almost the whole class was dumbfounded.

  On the third and fourth day, his face also looked sad. On the fourth day, when the class was over, I called him in my cabin and asked him,

 'Why are you sad, son?' "Ma'am, nothing special. Just like that!"  OK, listen, will you come to my house this evening, can you ?? He accepted my invitation. 

He came to my house in the evening. He came. I went to the kitchen and made some sherbet for him.  Its mouth can be taken out only with the first sip of sherbet, it cannot be separated from life by experiencing the saliva of time, Nawab experiences have also become a part of life. 

 The only way to make it delicious is to mix the sweetness of my experiences.  That is why it fills life with sweetness with wonderful experiences that can bring happiness.  ‘Yes, ma’am you are right.  I will try.  When I saw the joy on his face, I woke up happy and got spoiled.  " what happened ?  The syrup is not right?  ‘I asked’ no ma’am, that’s right. 

 A little more salt.  There is no need to throw away the sherbet, "Laas laas, let's throw this sherbet".  The salt is slightly higher. If we add a little sugar, the taste of the syrup will be maintained.  Listening to him, I became a little serious and said, "Now listen to me carefully, this sherbet is your life.  Excess salt in syrup is a bad experience in the past. 

 Just as an experimental teacher not only teaches salt from syrup, so does reading a book have promises in the faces of the students.  
The solution can only be found if the student's confusion is known.  The sattvic relationship between teacher and student is a legacy of education.  A confused student and a confused teacher cannot boil. Even a student who wants to succeed can be molded only if the essence and substance is preserved and maintained in the teacher-student relationship. 

 A teacher who is interested in the development and formation of the student is always in the limelight.  The sweetness of life is maintained by mixing a little sugar in the syrup and a few memorable moments in life, Contact: Chimanbhai Patel Vidya Sankul,.

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