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Wednesday 12 May 2021

11/5/2021 Starting today, the family's nest has started the YouTube link of Safe and Warm 2.0. Useful to every child, teacher as well as parents.

 11/5/2021 Starting today, the family's nest has started the YouTube link of Safe and Warm 2.0. Useful to every child, teacher as well as parents.

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Occasional: Special Introduction Vass (1 March 12, Daniya Din! And on Paki Papa Urri on the 16th Jaruripos Mikrupa, the poet utters this verse of UME that Nek Raj fought a war with another king with a huge army. Gopi belongs to every Indian). 

 Deva touched in the fight, starting from India, World War II, Supi Pipan P.Hino's 'Kem La', and you have seen such a person at the very end. Inexperienced people have become interested in this new war and have become a history force for years.

  !! It is a matter of war, the plane of knowledge is the lowest of the three, Thamita Thaman cannot describe the self-determination of India, and Gandhiji cannot account for it. 
The foundations of a vast empire were laid in 1511, with the violent success of Dodikuwa, 

 The Viceroy is known as Madra, Mamo. The Viceroy was convinced that there was no way to suppress the fight for Mawla Ravaraj by eating Rapi on March 12, 1930. Sabarmati Ashram  No seal's mass flax Nipan Dandikuch's Divat Earl Gandhiji's compost  Shishari soldiers in South Gujarat.  Jodi Dils Maane At.Po their Smritithi and.  

Who has marched towards the village named.  'Yes!  / F "Worth saying, we are reciting the Sanyot of Punyatithi, but the soldiers of the soldiers of Dandi march were May Mak [Maa Gandhi, they eat them on this day.

 Manomi Riva McVee celebrates 'Dandikuch Day' every year in memory, we celebrate the event.  Thay Bapu no Sainiko ka! Samudrakade mini pinch fills and recently Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the orders of the white sergeant Desha Siyartho Samari falls on the 75th anniversary celebration of India's independence.  Started in Gujarat. 

KE does not resist! What a wonderful thing! Hero's stalk march not only of India. Aircraft to enrich history Prabhatpheri, spinning etc are posh in the work. I am the occasion of the mouth Mahamo ji re g]  Managh hai 'Unman a wonderful war. Experiment proved. It takes a pledge to grab the kucham khadi.

 Truth and Ahimam) Shraddha even though there were only eighty soldiers! And it also makes a heart without good.  Mada-Tarkal behind those who are playing  More than Rs 300 crore in India was the salary of the people in the 80's.  Not by force, but by his "Hey we are hatred, Nashem revenge from home ..." Magwan was a believer in victory. He knew that this is a battle with many times more impressive moral force than the line drawn, without harming the other party. 

 Not only the British, but also the leaders of India laughed at Dandikucha, but 'Kapu's Kshatriya was blown away. It is true what Gandhiji said over 2500 years ago. He also took the path of winning Puddha without killing Etroj. 

 The head of the one who reveals the truth is always safe and advanced. March 23, 2021

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