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Thursday 20 May 2021

Chief Minister Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani has stated that the disease of Mucor Myrosis has been declared an epidemic in Gujarat

Chief Minister Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani has stated that the disease of Mucor Myrosis has been declared an epidemic in Gujarat 

 In the meeting of the core committee chaired by Chief Minister Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani, a detailed discussion was held regarding this epidemic 
It was also stated during these detailed discussions that

 The disease has been declared an epidemic under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1857 

Mucormycosis declared as an epidemic in Gujarat.

 Decision taken in the meeting chaired by CM.

 The central government has extended the deadline for filing personal income tax returns to September 30.

I am on duty as a Medical Officer at Dr. Yash Dedaniya Baroda Civil Hospital. People come to the hospital with many questions, rumors and misconceptions about the currently spreading infection mucorrhoea. So the idea came to me that I should make a report so that the rumors and misconceptions about this serious infection can be dispelled by giving correct and clear information to the people through social media. People have tried this with the same spirit of awakening Thai and staying away from rumors.

 1. What is mucomycosis?

 -Mucermycosis is a serious but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes. There are many types of mucormycetes. The infection is mostly Thai from the group Rhizopus and Mukor fungi, which are commonly found on stale bread.

 2. Is mucorrhoea a new infection?

 - No, myocardial infarction is a chronic infection. The fungus has been in the environment for many years, but not many cases due to its low virulence and low infectious rate.

 3. What is the source of infection?

 3-This fungus is a ubiquitous mold especially in soil, manure, animal dung, rotten wood, stale / rotten food items and plant material.

 4. Is this infection likely to affect all normal people?

 -No, this infection is not likely to happen to everyone because it is a very rare known old infection, only those who have very low immunity are likely to get it.

 5. So why is the infection spreading so much now?

 -Currently corona is spreading and people's immune system is weakened due to corona and in addition the use of steroids in the treatment of patients with severe corona is Thai which suppresses the immune system more. These are the reasons why the infection is on the rise.

 6. Who and what category of patients are likely to get this infection?

 -Who have low immunity such as,

 A) Corona infected / recovered patients (currently most people in this category are Thai.)

 B) HIV / AIDS patients

 C) Organ transplant patients

 D) Patients with diabetes

 E) Cancer patients

 F) Patients with severe injury or burns

 G) Patients taking unnecessary steroids

 7. How is the spread of infection in Thai?

 -This fungus produces millions of microscopic spherical, dark-hooded structures called spores, which disperse in the air and are present in the general atmosphere.

 "Therefore patients / individuals with low immunity as shown above",

 -> Inhales spores present in the atmosphere.


 -> Patients consume food / water contaminated with fungus.


 -> The fungus is directly contaminated on the open wound in the body of the patient and through it enters the skin and then transmits.

 (In all these cases, there is a possibility of mucorrhoea.)

 8. What is the relationship between corona, diabetes and mucorrhoea?

 -> When a patient is infected or recovering from coronary heart disease, their immune system is low and in addition, patients who have received steroids are at higher risk because steroids suppress the immune system. This means that the chances of getting a fungal infection are increased and the patient has Thai mucormycosis. This is the reason why steroids should not be used unless absolutely necessary, the two guessing swords.

 -> And patients with uncontrolled diabetes and coronary heart disease are at special risk because they already have low immunity due to diabetes and high blood glucose due to steroids, and are exposed to the fungus. To increase the transition in the body.

 -> So diabetes weakens the body's immune system, the coronavirus lowers it further, and then steroids act as fuel for the fire and thus increase the chances of developing mucormycosis.

 9. What is Thai or what are the symptoms in Mukarmycosis?

 -Swelling on one side around the eye or nose, and / or pain.

 -Black skin on the eyes / nose.

 -No runny nose or bleeding from the nose.

 -Join pain, bleeding from the gums of the teeth, falling of the teeth.

 -Everything that looks dull or double-looking


 -Breathing difficulty

 - Chest pain

 -Vomiting of blood.


 10. How can mucorrhoea be prevented?

 -Personal hygiene is required.

 -Do not scratch the eyes and ears frequently.

 -Going around means wearing a mask.

 -Steroid steroids only if needed.

 -Patients with diabetes need to be kept under control.

 -Severely injured person needs regular dressing or normally injured person needs to be cleaned with antiseptic solution like Dettol / Savlon.

 -Do not consume stale food.

 -If you notice any symptoms, show it to the doctor without any hesitation.

 11. How is Thai diagnosed with Mukarmycosis?

 -The doctor sees the symptom.

 - Performs tissue biopsy (removes tissue from affected organ or part and tests in lab.)

 -Ct scan / MRI.

 12. What is the treatment for mucomycosis?

 A) Surgery- An attempt is made to prevent infection by removing the part or part that has occurred in the limb.

 B) Antifungal injections amphotericin B are given.

 C) In addition, antifungal injections may be helpful in the treatment of posoconazole or isavuconazole.

 13. Can this infection be defeated?

 -Yes. Absolutely defeated.

 The sooner you wake up, the sooner you will be alert and the sooner you will be diagnosed and treated.

 As early treatment is more likely to defeat the infection.

 So let's be careful and share this information more and more with others.

 -Rdo Yash Dedaniya

 In this regard, government and private hospitals and medical colleges treating the disease will now have to follow the guidelines laid down by the Department of Health, Government of India as well as ICMR for screening diagnosis and treatment.

 Details of suspected as well as confirmed cases of this disease should be sent to the Government of India from time to time

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