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Wednesday 4 October 2023

YouTube Create: the easy-to-use video editing app — now in beta

 YouTube Create: the easy-to-use video editing app — now in beta 

Take your videos to the next level with YouTube Create, the official editing app from YouTube. Add filters & effects, royalty-free music, voiceover, auto-captions and more to easily make amazing videos that will captivate your audience — all without the need for complicated editing tools. 

Easy Video Editing Tools

• Easily combine videos, photos, and audio all in one place

• Trim, clip, and crop video clips

• Choose from 40+ transitions to seamlessly blend your clips together

• Speed up or slow down your video

Next-Level Video Editing Features

• Automatically add captions or subtitles to your videos with just one tap (available in select languages)

• Easily remove distracting background noise with the audio clean up tool

• Remove your video’s background with the cut out effect

Music & Audio

• Bring your video to life with thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects

• Find the beat of your soundtrack and easily sync your video clips to the music with beat matching

• Narrate your videos by recording a voiceover directly in the app

Filters & Effects

• Enhance the color by adjusting saturation, brightness, and more

• Set the mood with customizable filters

• Choose from a variety of effects to make your videos pop

Stickers & Fonts

• Add your creative touch with hundreds of fonts and animated text effects

• Choose from a library of stickers, GIFs, and emojis to match your style

Made to Share

• Resize your videos to different aspect ratios, including portrait, landscape, and square for sharing across different formats

• Easily upload your video directly to your YouTube channel and share your creation with your audience

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