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Thursday 5 January 2023

Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2023 studant helping

Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2023: student helping 


This scholarship aims to encourage economically weaker students from rural areas of Gujarat to pursue higher education in science.  The name of this scholarship is Vikram Sarabhai Incentive Yojana (Development Scholarship).

Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2023

 Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2023

 Vikram Sarabhai, who does not know this name in today's world.  Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai was an Indian physicist and astronomer.  Who started space exploration.  You have made a significant contribution in helping to develop nuclear power in India.  Vikram Sarabhai was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1966 and Padma Vibhushan (posthumously) in 1972.  He is internationally recognized as the father of the Indian space programme.  Vikram Sarabhai Foundation is doing great work in the field of science.  Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme has recently been launched by Vikram Sarabhai Foundation.  What is this Vikram Sarabhai Incentive Scheme (Development Scholarship) and how to apply, for all this information you have to read this article till the end.

 Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 2023 – Highlights

 Post Name : Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme

 Beneficiary : Students studying in class 8th

 Scholarship Available : 60,000 to 100000

 Main Purpose : For development of children

 Application Deadline: 20th January 2023

 Date of Selection : 22nd January 2023

    1.  Official Website :

 Purpose of Vikram Sarabhai Scholarship Scheme 

Physical pursuit and approaches are committed to all of the scientific instincts and approach to active students on the highest level of education and research. Students of inferior rural areas have a lack of guidance with economic difficulties and many other problems are also encountered. Mr. Vikram has established ten scholarships in Sarabhai's memory of this problem. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students to get students' economicals of the country's rural areas and help weak people. The second name of this scholarship is the development scholarship. The main features of this scheme are for family students with low-income family students studying in the schools in the rural areas. Ten (10) scholarships each year will be given. From 10, at least 5 scholarships will be given to the benefit of the benefits. The application will study students in standard 8 in the country of rural areas of Gujarat, whose family's annual income is less than 1.5 lakhs. The benefit benefit under this scheme will receive scholarships from 1,00,000 (only one lakh rupees) for students of the standard 8. In standard-9, 20,000 scholarships will get 20,000 scholarships, and if the student continues to study in science stream after standard-10, then 30,000 / - will get 30,000 / - in standard 12. And there will be 30,000 scholarships in standard 12. Students of standard 10 will be given scholarships for years, which will be received 30,000 during standard -11 and 30,000 during standard 12. 

Support proofs to apply in this scheme, as part of this application, the student will have to upload some documents. Which is as follows. The student's photo revenue from the school's standard student certificate from the school to the standard student certificate, in the case of Students of Students, will be required to give the following details.. The account can be either of the parents. The account holder's base card, if the bank account is in the name of parents or guardians.

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 The Criteria of the Plan: Click here

 apply Link: Click here

How to apply to take advantage of this plan? The applicant will have to register by filling the form for online scholarship on the official website. After coming to the official website will be clicking on "Registration of Students". Now "Does Your School Are In Rural Area?" The question will be asked. Thereafter, your personal, school details, full address etc. will have to be filled in information. Finally, the student will be able to upload a photo, and will be clicking the "Submit" button by clicking the "Submit" button

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