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Thursday 15 September 2022

Sewai Recipe

  Sewai Recipe

Ingredients of a Sewai Recipe: Sewai pan fried with nuts, combined with cardamom in the milk with a pinch of saffron for an aromatic flavour. The perfect Indian dessert is all set a with just a few ingredients.

Ingredients of Sewai

2 Tbsp Butter

100 gram Sewai

25 gram Cashew nuts

25 gram Almond

25 gram Raisins

600 ml Milk

3 tbsp Sugar

5 Green cardamom cloves

A pinch of Saffron

How to Make a Sewai

1.In a pan, fry butter and sewai together.

2.Add a cashew nuts, almonds and raisins into it. Fry them together.

3.In a different pan, boil milk, sugar and smashed green cardamoms.

4.Add the fried sewai mix in to the milk pan. Combine a ingredients together and add saffron.

5.Add a little extra milk to a loosen the dish, towards the end.

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