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Friday 12 August 2022

Top chocolate brands from across the world

  Top chocolate brands from across the world

1.Popular chocolate brands

From the baby of the house to the wise old granny, the love for chocolate doesn’t seem to have any age. Eating chocolates releases the happiness hormone and lifts up our mood instantly. Be it a celebration or a congratulations token, chocolates are the best gift that exist. It is that one thing that is loved by all the different cultures, throughout the world. Each place is popular for its own chocolates, but here are some top brands that makes the whole wide world happy with their delicious chocolates. 

02 Cadbury

Cadbury or Cadbury’s as it was formerly known as, was founded in the year 1824 in UK by John Cadbury. Later in 2010, the ownership was given to the British MNC Mondelez International, a very popular confectionary company. The world-famous chocolate brand first started importing chocolates to India in the year 1948, later it was incorporated in India. Cadbury Dairy Milk collection has the biggest fan base in India and this chocolate bar has been passed on from generation to generation be it a birthday gift or a reward. (Image: Pexels)


Hershey’s the US chocolate brand was founded in the year 1894 by Milton Snavely. Hershey, is one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers across the world. The first ever Hershey bar was sold in the year 1900, and since then there was no turning back! The chocolates became so popular that the brand supplied its chocolate bars to the US armed force during the World War II. Among the vast collection of chocolates, the most popular and loved product of this brand is the Hershey’s KISSES. 

04 Ferrero Rocher

Michael Ferrero found this brand in the year 1982 in Italy. These hazel nut centred milk chocolate balls are a collection of luxury chocolates, gifted all over the world. It is a creamy and crunchy delight, wrapped perfectly into gold balls. A box of Ferrero Rocher is quite expensive when compared to the other chocolate brands in the market. 


Ghirardelli chocolate company founded in 1852, has a huge line of different chocolate varieties. The Ghirardelli square in San Francisco and all the huge outlets of this brand is the real-life chocolate factory from the famous book Charlie and The chocolate factory. It has such a wide collection of chocolate products; one gets confused while purchasing. The most favourite are the Ghirardelli chocolate squares that comes in more than 10 flavours. TIP: If you are confused while choosing a single flavour, customize your own bag of chocolates. 

06 Nestle

This Swiss MNC was founded in the year 1866 by Henri Nestle. This company is the owner of in numerous brands. From pet care to baby food, Nestle is not just a chocolate brand. Nestles’ Kit Kat is the most popular chocolate wafers in the world and it’s tag line ‘Take a Kit-Kat Break’ is used everywhere. From bite size wafers to huge slabs, Kit-kat can be eaten in any way. 

07 Mars

This chocolate nougat was first manufactured in 1931 by Forrest Mars in the United States. Mars almond and Mars Delight Bars are the two varieties these chocolates are available in. The chocolate has a caramel filling inside and is covered with a rich outer layering of milk chocolate. Some popular Mars products sold in India are Snickers, M&Ms, Galaxy and Milky. Leaving M&M, all the other are chocolate nougats with caramel filling. 

 08 Toblerone

Shaped like the snow-clad mountains of Switzerland, this Swiss chocolate was brought into this world in the year 1908 by Theodor Tobler. Known for its unique shape and packaging, this chocolate has honey and almond filled inside it and is widely popular throughout the world. This brand too, like Cadbury is owned by the Mondelez International. 


Belgium is known for its chocolates. Guylian chocolates is one of the most famous brand of Belgium chocolates in the World. It was founded by Guy Foubert in the year 1958. Guylian is best known for its sea shell shaped chocolates and is sold in over 100 countries, throughout the world. 

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