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Friday 29 July 2022

The National Anti-Doping Bill 2021: What Is It? Bill passed by the Lok Sabha; see here for anti-doping rule violations

   The National Anti-Doping Bill 2021: What Is It? Bill passed by the Lok Sabha; see here for anti-doping rule violations

Minister of Union Sports

Anurag Thakur, the union's minister of sports, stated in the parliament, "Now, India would be one of the few nations with anti-doping regulations and testing facilities. There will be less reliance on other nations submitting player samples. This bill will help India become more independent."

He stated that the bill's objectives  added bolstering anti-doping initiatives in sports and providing a statutory framework for the National Anti-Doping Agency's operation (NADA). Additionally, the bill calls for the establishment of disciplinary practices and the imposition of penalties for anti-doping rule infractions. If you are preparing for competitive exams and looking for expert guidance, you can download our General Knowledge Free Ebook Download Now.

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The Anti-Doping Bill 2021's Main Elements

Contravention of Doping

Athletes, support staff members, and other people are not allowed to use drugs during competitions under the anti-doping bill 2021.

The athletes' coaches, managers, trainers, team employees, medical professionals, and other caregivers are considered the support staff

The following guidelines must be followed at all times by these individuals:

(i) a competitor's body containing illegal substances or their markers

(ii) using, attempting to use, or possessing illegal substances or practices

iii) declining to provide a sample

(iv) trafficking in illegal drugs or practices, including attempting to do so.

(v) encouraging or disguising such violations.

Exemption for therapeutic use

Athletes may petition the National Anti-Doping Agency for an exemption from using a prohibited substance or procedure for therapeutic purposes if they have a specific medical condition.

Rules Against Doping Infractions

Infraction of an anti-doping rule by a specific athlete or member of the support staff may lead to:

(i) Results are disqualified, and medals, points, and prizes are forfeited.

(ii) being ineligible to compete or attend an event for a set amount of time

(iii)Financial sanctions 

The National Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel will hold a hearing before deciding on the penalties for a violation.

NADA's statutory body constitution

The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) is intended to be established as a statutory agency led by a Director General chosen by the centre under the anti-doping bill 2022.

The agency's duties will include supporting anti-doping research and conducting investigations into anti-doping rule infractions in addition to planning, implementing, and monitoring anti-doping initiatives.

The organization will have the authority to gather personal information about athletes, such as their sex or gender, medical history, and whereabouts.

The agency must also establish procedures for the gathering, utilizing, processing, and disclosing of personal data.

It will make specific details about the athlete who broke the anti-doping regulations public, including their name, the anti-doping rule they broke, and the penalty.


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