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Monday 25 July 2022

scientists search new world of creatures under 1,640 feet of ice !

  Scientists  search new world of creatures under 1,640 feet of ice!


Scientists are busy  finding for life outside the earth but there are some places on earth which are still  unconsumed . Antarctica is completely covered with ice, it is freezing cold, but the charm of nature is such that there could be a world of creatures here too, it is unthinkable. Scientists have found one such  clear world of life under the ice of Antarctica.

Scientists say they have  create an entire ecosystem of  small organisms under the ice. Scientists have  create this hidden ecosystem beneath the Larsen Ice Shelf. Scientists dug 500 meters under the ice. Then when the camera was  place into it, they were  astonish to see the scene  beneath . The cave-like space  beneath was found to be completely  peeved with  flock of small, crab-like creatures. Satellite images suggest that the ecosystem where it was found is an underground river.

To  search  this  secret ecosystem, the research team dug 1,640 feet  beneath the ice. The team used hot water hoses for  instituting . When the camera was sent in, they saw small  bear spots. It wasn’t a technical glitch with the camera, but  small crustaceans called amphibious. They look like shrimp but have no shell or shell. Scientists did not expect to  search such  making  under the ice until now.

Craig Stevens, a physical ocean geographer at the National Institute of Water and  weather  Research (NIWA) in Auckland, New Zealand; told“All those organisms swimming around our camera means there’s clearly an important ecological process going on.”

Scientists were surprised to see the  inside of the place where this ecosystem was found. They expected a flat roof but it was quite uneven. It’s like a slice of bread, with a bevel at the top and a narrow shield at the bottom, Stevens said. Scientists are also surprised to see the behavior of the water here. The water here is divided into four and five layers and all the layers flow in  Croce fome directions. Scientists are saying that we will continue to study more about this ecosystem. They will also explore how these nutrients circulate in groundwater.

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