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Thursday 10 February 2022

Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 1/2/22 to 28/2/22

 Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 1/2/22 to 28/2/22

MANN KI BAAT → ON RADI Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi always stays in touch with the hearts and minds of the people and the countrymen.  The medium of "Mann Ki Baat" program reaches the hearts of the people of the country.  

Education,Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 22,Date :1/2/22 to 28/2/22.

Was the subject of choice of the common man.  And I am feeling that the subject of water has shaken the hearts of Hindustan nowadays.  There are a number of effective efforts underway across the country on water conservation.  People need to know about traditional methods and remedies.  

The ashram donation of the villagers is no less than a lifeline for the whole village.  Water policy has been prepared. I congratulate the government there. In Haryana, cultivation of crops that require less Gujarat water is encouraged and no harm has been done to it.  Inspired them to move away from traditional farming to irrigated crops.  Ba Now it's festive time.  The village is also poi on the occasion of festivals. 

Education,Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 22,Date :1/2/22 to 28/2/22.

The purpose of this dialogue bridge is to involve the countrymen in every process of national interest and welfare of the people to solve their problems, to involve them in the interest of the nation. 

 The development of gold through Sauna Shay is a testament to his devotion to the goal he set.  Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting in today's Mann Ki Baa program:  1 Water Connection That topic was touching to your heart.  

The media also said, "There are many innovative campaigns on water conservation. 3. Sakar Hoy, NGOs, all are doing something or other on the youth.  In the village of Ara Keram in Noram Normanzi Prakhad, a short distance away, the enthusiasm shown by the villagers for water conservation has become an example for everyone.  Deductions and leaf wastage have stopped, but the farms are also getting water. 

 Why not give it to your father-in-law?  Every member of the society reaches the fair.  In that fair we can give the message of saving five very effectively. We can organize exhibitions, street plays.  We can do E.A., as well as give the message of Jasanraka very easily.  My dear compatriots, I am sure that I am talking to you about the success of India, in the interior, in the interior, in the proud Tho  Chandrayaan-2. 

 Many people have written to me on NarendrMou n and MyGov from various parts of the country, such as Samv Haripura from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Mahendra Kuma Daga from Kolkata, P Arvindrao from Telangana, and he has urged me to discuss Champan in 'Mann Ki Baat'.  Heine, in terms of space, 2012 is very good for India. Our scientists left A SAT in March.  And that five Chandrayaan-2.  In the run-up to the election, big and important news like A-SAT could not be discussed much at that time. Give it a chance. 

 The mother who achieved this achievement became the fourth country in the world and now on the 5th of July, Mann Desh proudly saw that Chandrayaan-2 took the opportunity of Dari of Sriharikota to its own groups.  The pictures of Payan-Rana Padyapani filled the country with Aurav and Josh.  1 o 2017

Dialogue Chandrayaan-2 mission is special in many ways.  Than-2 clarified our understanding about Chaitra. 

 This will give you more detailed information about the moon.  But if you ask me what two great lessons I got from Chandrayaan-2, I will.  In these two schools of thought, Faye and Fearlessness, you have to have faith in our talents and capabilities, we have to have faith in our talents and abilities. 

 I will be glad that Chandrayaan-II is completely painted in Indian colors.  He is Indian in purpose and spirit.  It is purely an indigenous mission.  This mission has once again proved that our scientists are the best, world class when it comes to innovating in new fields, innovative zeal.  Another important lesson is that no one should be alarmed by obstacles. 

 The way our scientists fixed the moon and lance by fixing all the technical problems in record time, day and night is unprecedented.  The whole world saw this great penance of scientists.  

We should be proud of him and he did not change the time of arrival despite the interruption.  This also surprises many.  We also face temporary setbacks in our lives, but always remember that we have the strength to overcome them.  I sincerely hope that the Chanyan2 campaign will inspire the youth of the country for science and innovation. 

 Finally.  Science is the way of development.  We are now eagerly waiting for the month of September when Lander Vikram and Rover-Pragyan will land on the lunar surface.  Today, through Mann Ki Khat, I am with the student friends of the country.  I would also like to share information about a very interesting competition with the young peers and invite the young women of the country. 

India is the only country in the world where youth skills development.  More than 3% are young.  Young people have new vitality, new thinking and an inexhaustible store of energy.  The Gujarat government has taken many decisions in the last 3 years to mobilize the youth in the development of the state and the nation by creating skills in them.  Taking care of the interest of the youth with the concept of non-learning with earning, this government has given the benefit of Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Scheme to more than 100 youth.  Under Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana, more than5 crore has been provided for higher education to more than 8, 10 lakh bright students of general and middle class coming from non-reserved level of the state. 

 A non-reserved commission has been set up to provide education and employment benefits to the promising youth of the state who are in the non-reserved category.  Bin and B H I + * Cover Story CO Gujarat has for the first time firmly implemented the decision taken by the Central Government to provide 10% reservation to the poor and middle class youth for educational and economic development.  

With the innovative idea of ​​Gyankunj project, a new approach has been adopted to provide interactive education with smart boards with the help of technology at school level.  About 3 lakh students of the state are being trained through e-class.  Medical and engineering and higher education seats have tripled significantly in the last three years.  The government has taken an important decision to provide loan assistance of  15 lakh to students who want to go abroad for higher studies for courses like MBBS, diploma, post-graduate research, technical paramedical professional etc.  

More than 50 skill building centers have been started all over Gujarat for skill building of the youth of the state.  The government has taken a radical decision to provide up to Rs.  The development of MSMEs has provided employment and self-employment facilities to over 5 lakh youth by developing more than 20 lakh factories in the last three years.  In the last three years, in the 7th and 8th Vibrant series of 2012 and 2013, the industrial development of the state has been accelerated and ample employment opportunities have been created. 

 A large scale recruitment fair has been organized across the state to provide ample employment opportunities to the youth of Gujarat.  In the last three years, about 11 lakh youths have got employment through employment fair. 
Government services have been made more effective and result oriented by recruiting youth in government service.  In the last three years, 1.12 lakh youths have been recruited in government service.  More than 6,000 recruitments have been planned in the near future.

  Gujarat is one of the states in the country which has done a wonderful job of empowering women financially by organizing women employment fairs in the last three years.  By effectively implementing the basic artisan training scheme, training is being imparted to the youth in various employment oriented courses on 1.5 lakh seats in 4 ITIs.  Gujarat 1 Most, 201 INDU and ISTRI OR CHAL

 For a quiz competition.  Curiosities related to space, India's space mission, science and technology - these will be the main topics of the quiz competition, such as what to do to launch a rocket.  There is a lot of talk about how the satellite is installed and what information we get from the satellite, what is A-SAT.  Details of the competition will be posted on the MyGov website on August 1.  

I urge young students, students to take part in this quiz competition and make it interesting, interesting and memorable by their own participation.  I strongly urge schools, parents, enthusiastic principals and teachers to work hard to make their schools victorious. 
 The Gujarat Government urges all students to join it and the most exciting dilemma is that the Government of India will take the students who get the highest marks from each state at its own expense and you will have the opportunity to witness the moment in Rashtrambar while Chandrayaan is landing on the lunar surface. 
 This will be the historic event of their lives for these victorious students.  But for that you have to take part in the quiz competition, you have to get the highest one, you have to play a victorious swana word 220 expl comrades, you have liked my suggestion you need- it is a fun innovation.  So let’s not forget to take part in the quiz and also motivate as many peers as possible.  
My dear countrymen, you must have noticed one thing.  Our minds have given impetus to the sanitation campaign from time to time and the efforts being made for cleanliness in this way have always inspired Mann Ki Baat.  The yatra, which started five years ago, is today setting new standards for cleanliness with the participation of the people.
  It is not that we have achieved the ideal state in sanitation, but the manner in which the sanitation campaign has been successful from ODF to public places is the strength of determination of one hundred and thirty crore countrymen, but we will not stop there. 
 The movement is now moving from cleanliness to beauty.  Just a few days ago, I was in the media with Mr. Yogesh Ronnie and his team van.  Some time ago, he rushed to make Delhi not only clean but beautiful.  He started with his team at Lodhi Garden Trash.  Mediator of street art, worked to decorate many areas of Delhi with beautiful paintings.

  From the walls of the Bur Bridge and the schools to the slums, he began to cultivate his craft, to meet people, and so on.  You may remember how Prayagraj was also decorated with street paintings during Kumbh.  I came to know that brother Pogesh Saini and his team played a big role in it.  Even if there is no sound in the colors and lines, but the pictures made from it make a rainbow.
 Their message is more impressive than a thousand words and we experience this even in the beauty of the sanitation campaign.  We need culture to grow in our society to create waste wealth.  In a way, we have to move towards making Kachar Kanchan.  Thank you all very much.  Hello 1st August 2018 LUNGE

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