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Friday 7 January 2022

Dated: 08/01/2022 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

 Dated: 08/01/2022 through Home Learning Direct YouTube. 

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Women Empowerment Pavibahen Says New Hopes for Self-Employment - Rohit Usak Kano Shri Paubhan Bari of Badroi village in Anjar taluka has taken the traditional traditional kab to a new height of business.  Only four books Jesso studies make Pavi craftsmanship.  In particular, he makes a wide variety of bags, including laptops, school bags, mobile phones and mobile-cover items.  He did it today.  Showed them the sempa, which they liked. 

 So the sales of various items made in this way started increasing.  Today we have an annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh which is accompanied by a turnover of Rs.  They are also providing employment to about 50 sisters.  Despite coming from a conservative society, Poe has not only gained respect but has also established himself as a role model for the holy grail.  Nine sisters from my village are providing 1 job in the surrounding villages.  

They were seen lovingly selling various items made by Pathibahen and his fellow women.  Initially, in this business, there were 5-6 hundred in Tumb.  These were making a variety of things.  Later, as we became acquainted, the sisters began to associate with us.

  Today, these sisters are enjoying about 15 thousand rupees per month.  One of the bands talking to Mr. Panibahen Rabari about his professional career is that before, he used to make various items of this material in his spare time only for the needs of the house.

He is invited as a guest in the social gathering.  

Thus, today their social status has become different.  Today, these high-end items are shipped by courier to the United States, Australia, and Maine via online order. 

 Mr. Nileshbhai Priyadarshi started a startup called Artisan Clinic, which provides services to small artisans and artisans trained with Hona to establish a standard, market their products and market them.  

Recently, in view of this service of Nileshbhai, the Gujarat government has donated 116 villages and honored them as start-ups.

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Most of the time, when the daughter was going to go to her father-in-law, she was given this thing as a gift.  These items were not intended to be developed commercially.  

But there was a lack of manjar for its sale.  Also craftsman for this.  Shri Nileshbhai Pradesh of Shani Sansa was in touch with us.  He did it for many of us.  The bag made by Sampav Pavibahen for sale with the audience of a different cell for sale was bought by a foreign tourist who came to Kana on a bag made by Mr. Pavila to shine in Hollywood movies. 

 The bag shone in a Hollywood movie.  The other end of the film is seen in two lines.  Papi told this that the information about the bag used by him in the Hollywood movie was given through the buyer cone.  In which the actress is often seen with this bag during the direction.  Nalangbhai Priyadarshi, founder and CEO of Karigar Dhyana, who helped in achieving 'Gujarat' 16 day me, says.  .  Mr. Polybon comes from a conservative society.  At that time, as a woman, she had to face many difficulties in getting out.  But her husband persuaded her to take up the profession and she too quit her job to support her sister-in-law.  After working hard and facing many counterfeits, Mr. Pavinthan has a role to play in today's society. 

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