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Friday 5 November 2021

Wish Your Lovely Brother By Making Bhai Dooj Wish Card Photo Album & Celebrate

 Wish Your Lovely Brother By Making Bhai Dooj Wish Card Photo Album & Celebrate.

Today is the holy occasion of Bhai Behan, the festival of Bhai Beej in which the importance of Bhai Beej and the good wishes and messages of Bhai Beej and today's article are presented here.

 Beginning of Bhai Beej If we start with this line dedicated to the love of brother and sister of the proud poet of Gujarat Shri Ardeshar Faramji Khabradar, “Beej's Chandaliya show will shine, Veer!  Aur uchalavje ho veer!  Forget my dark night, Veer!  Mahiyar lavje ho veer! ”

 The cry made by the sister to the brother on the day of Bhai Beej is beautifully described.  The festival of brotherhood means the relationship of love and affection. 

 The brother-sister relationship in the world is considered to be a very sacred relationship in which there is a feeling of perishing without any kind of demand or greed.

 Bhaibeej is the festival that falls on the second day of the new year.  Identity of the culture coming in the line of Diwali festival

 This festival is a festival that breaks the distance relationship and that is why its value is higher in the world. On this day, brothers and sisters go to dine at their homes. 

 The sister lovingly embraces the brother.  Bhavgheli sister eats only after her brother's meal. 

 At the time of parting, the brother gives the sister cash or a souvenir as a gift.  Bhaibij is also known as "Yama Dwitiya".  It is believed that worshiping Yamaraj today brings down the grace of Yamaraj. 

 This festival is an integral part of our religion.

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