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Monday 22 November 2021

Elections will be held in 10,882 gram panchayats, polling on December 19

 Elections will be held in 10,882 gram panchayats, polling on December 19.

Letest news,Elections will be held in 10,882 gram panchayat

Elections will be held on December 19 in Gujarat.

CM Bhupendra Patel arrives in the Cabinet of Ministers to check face to face whether Gullibaj ministers are in the new government or not.  This is the first time this has happened. 
Subject: Regarding the press briefing to be held by the State Election Commission.
  In which the team of Information Department including the representatives of electronic media and print media are requested to be present at the committee room, State Election Commission, Block No-2, 6th floor, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.
Announcement of Gram Panchayat elections

 Voting will take place on December 19

 The vote count will take place on December 21

 Voting will be by ballot paper

 Elections will be held in 10,117 gram panchayats
Hello student friends, Jai Hind Jai Bharat

 Student friends are voluntarily taking advantage of student visits to different recruitment boards and telephonic conversations.  Those who are hoping for different recruitments of Panchayat, Talati, J. Clerk MPHW .... secondary service, and education department will lose all your hopes due to lax policy and lack of will of government and officials.  .

 The old policy of the ruling party has been going on for years. Divide and rule is a recruitment (LRD. PSI) which has been decorated and placed, in the midst of which all other stalled and new recruitments have been suppressed.
 The election equations will be kept in view even further.  The present government has a mindset of making party-oriented decisions rather than student-oriented decisions.

 Talati Ju for last 4 - 4 years.  Clark, Non Secretariat, Forest, Tate Tat.  All such recruitments have been stopped by their own excuses and scams of arranging matches. And the student is being misled. The government is not even worried about all these recruitments now.

 Elections will be held in 108 gram panchayats of Gujarat.  Code of Conduct implemented from today.  Elections will be held from the ballot paper.  NOTA will be implemented 

 The announcement will be published on November 8
  Forms can be filled up till 5th December
 On 2nd December candidature letter verification
 ○ December is the last date to draw the form
 Voting will take place on December 15
 If re-polling is required on 30th December
 Results will come on 31st December

 ■ Eligibility for candidature: 
 - Should not have a third child after the year 2007
 - Toilet should be mandatory
 - Panchayat tax should be paid
 - Must be over 21 years of age
 - Crime-complaint, description of property

 @ramkrishna solanki blog,www. #jayyuvashktirk

 Always remember one thing.  No matter how many recruitment announcements are made, advertising will not reduce employment, and you will not only find employment through advertising.  If the advertisement appears in the appointment letter, you will get employment. Let's see how many appointment letters have been received in the last four years.  That is why a policy like Khora Topra comes to mind..but in the rest of the budget and in public meetings, it will seem very big ... everything is on reality and on the ground ...

 In order to show the remaining employment rate as low or high, the eyebrows of the household are at home.  If the real condition of the remaining employment is shown, then Gujarat will be at the forefront in the ranks of the unemployed.
 The authorities are 100% responsible for this but at the same time the tolerant nature of the general public is also responsible for this.

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