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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 05/10/21 to 10/10/21.

 Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 05/10/21 to 10/10/21.

Education,Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 2021-22,Date :05/10/21 to 10/10/21.

Che Con iPis Self-Successful Pass: DULE, Sampathi Siddhi Saune Justice The state of Gujarat has always been at the forefront for public welfare. For effective operation of Naik process;  The state government has strengthened the rule of law in Gujarat by implementing the principle of 'equal and speedy thash' for all.  The fear of thugs and mafias is now a thing of the past thanks to competent operations. 

True and speedy justice for the poor, disadvantaged, victims and women in Gujarat.  The lawsuits are enacted and enforced. The creation of a special court and its proper administration have resulted in a reduction in the burden of litigation.
 The state government is committed to ensuring speedy justice to the citizens.  The is.  Is.  In order to ensure that not a single taluka of the state is deprived of court facilities, full time civil courts have been set up in 4 out of 8 talukas of the state.  In order to give speedy justice to the families, the state government has set up Camille Mota in 12 districts of the state in the last two years.  A total of 4 family courts have been sanctioned in 6 districts of the state. 

 A total of 6 family courts are functioning in the state.  Registration of approximately 2,6,8 trusts in the State of Gujarat under the Gujarat Public Trust Act, 190.  While 20 19 2 societies have been registered under the Society Registration Act 20.  In the last three years, the government has returned nine new chips to the state to ensure speedy justice at home.  In order to run a co-operation under the Atrocities Act in the state, Corton has been declared as an exclusive special course in 12 out of 6 districts.  

The sessions courts of the remaining 19 districts have been specialized as 'special courts'.  Planning of 4.5 Lok Adalats in the last four years in the state.  Out of which 4,208 cases out of 6 cases were disposed off.  Compensation of Rs 2,31 crore has been paid.  J Gujarat 9 load

It is a matter of pride for Gujarat and Gujaratis that the peace and security of Gujarat is felt by the travelers visiting the state along with the citizens living in Gujarat.  

When it comes to peace and security, there is only one word for everyone.  The word 'Gujarat' means that people from outside Gujarat are more attracted to Gujarat for trade and employment because of the state of law and order in Gujarat.  
ભૂગોળ , આંકડાશાસ્ત્ર,તેમજ તત્વજ્ઞાન વિષય બાબતે તેમજ દિવ્યાંગ ભરતી અંતર્ગત... વધુ વિગતો નીચેની લિંક થી વાચો

 વધુ વિગતો સમજો વિડિઓ દ્વારા માહિતી મેળવવા માટે

The Home Department of Gujarat is doing an admirable job of maintaining law and order and maintaining internal security.  Gujarat's Home Department is working tirelessly to investigate, detect, detain and take legal action against crimes. 

 The peace and security of the state is fundamental in the development of Gujarat.  Due to the development achieved by Gujarat and increased credibility globally, Gujarat has been able to build a distinguished reputation and identity.  

At the root of what made such a glorious situation possible in Gujarat is the peaceful and secure internal environment of Gujarat.  GUICTOC - 2015 implementation of new pages under the policy of Siro Rollarance against Organized Crime and Terrorism in the state.  


A revised law was enacted in the state to curb the illegal encroachment and non-occupation of cattle.  The Gujarat Progan of Interest of Depositors Act: ~> GIID) has been appointed as the competent authority of all the Sub Visional Magistrates and Province Officers of the State to make room for more economic crimes.

  Courts set up The Gujarat government enacted a new bequest in the year 2016 to make the security of women and senior citizens of the state more effective by concluding an effective agreement in the Indian Criminal Code, 150 to eradicate the scourge of chain snatching.  Violation of this law is punishable by up to ten years imprisonment and non-bailable offenses.

 The Central Government has amended the Prohibition of Public Knowledge of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products and its Trade and Commerce, Regulation of Supply and Distribution of Products) Act, 2006 (COTPA-2).  

The state government amended the law to keep the state's puvanas away from social evils like KKA and provided for imprisonment of up to 3 years and a fine of up to Rs.  In order to free and keep the school and college students of the state from cigarette and tobacco smoke and in the area around Shailim Institute, a reputation has been established on the production and sale of tobacco in 20 times. 
To make alcohol ban more effective in the state  ) Act, 2017 has been repealed.

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