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Tuesday 21 September 2021

Year: 2018-19 Talati recruitment fee will be refunded, form will be filled anew.

Year: 2018-19 Talati recruitment fee will be refunded, form will be filled anew. 

Subject: Matter of returning only Talati cum Minister and Junior Clerk (Administration / Accounts) cadre published in the year 2016-17. 

Letest news,Job,TALATI Exam 2021,2018-19 Talati recruitment fee will be refunded 

Subject: Matter of returning only Talati cum Minister and Junior Clerk (Administration / Accounts) cadre published in the year 2016-17. 

 Mr., to state under the above subject that the announcement was made under the direct recruitment process of 33 District Panchayat Service Selection Memoirs Drug Junior Clerk and Gram Panchayat Minister (Class-3) cadre.  In which Gujarat District Panchayat Service Selection Vote (Functions) Rules-1 has been "canceled" from Public Account No. of the Department: KP / 11/21 / PSA 8/12/5 / B dated 07/05 / 20-21.  . 

 As well as all the advertisements have been published by all the District Panchayat Service Selection Consent under the direct recruitment process but all the advertisements which are yet to be taken are to be taken, hence Junior Clerk and Gram Panchayat Minister (Class-3). 

 If the announcement of direct recruitment of all District Panchayat Service Selection Committees for the year 2016-17 has been 'canceled', the examination fee paid by the General Category candidates should be paid to the concerned candidates at the rate of Rs.100 / -.  The procedure as per rules will be undertaken with the following details, the work regarding refund of examination fee to the concerned candidates by the District Development Officers from 9/06/31 to 09/10/2071 (during office working hours). 

 There will be 2.  The District Development Officers will have to publish the program showing the place and time regarding refund of examination fee to the general category candidates on the website of the District Panchayat as well as on the notice board.   

*તલાટીની પરીક્ષાની માર્કશીટ નીચેની લીંક પરથી જોઈ શકાશે.*
*જુનિયર ક્લાર્કની પરીક્ષાનું પરિણામ નીચેની લીંક પરથી જોઈ શકાશે.
લિંક 1

લિંક 2

લિંક 1

લિંક 2
 જુનિયર ક્લાર્ક નું પરિણામ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો469_1_1_JC_PML_16-06-2023


There will also be a "separate list" in local newspapers.  In order for the above process to be carried out smoothly and properly, the appointment of necessary staff has to be made to the concerned District Development Officer.  And for his soup visa, it will be dark.  Concerned candidates will have to pay the examination fee of Rs.  5, If the candidate comes to both the above canals, he will be able to get the examination fee back from the same district panchayat which he has done in the district panchayat.  

Exam in office 1, is 3 2.  Do Math Nakkad Valaan 5 to Tera Lai Tema Peed Re Ekdamhu will have to fall down with fear.  And to get access to the matter of refund of examination fee from the candidates.  
The story’s self-contained package Many countries implemented lockdowns to save citizens from the Corona epidemic around the world.  Naturally, lockdowns around the world, including in India, have had the opposite effect on the economy.  Business, employment, industry as a whole will be closed.  

The market system was disrupted.  At a time when the country and the states are moving in the direction of unlock, the Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has given a self-sufficient grant of Rs.  Gujarat has revived the state's economy by announcing a package.  In the package announced by the state government, various concessions have been given to small, large, medium enterprises as well as business-employment of every person in the state.  The Gujarat Government has announced a sensibly far-sighted self-reliant package with a commitment to the interests of all, not just a single class or individual in the state, but the poorest, the poorest, the deprived, the victims, the laborers, the small traders, the farmers, the tribals, the industry, business and employment.  For the economic welfare of agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries, Rs.  Decision to provide assistance of Rs. 12 crore.  Rs.  Self-sufficient package of Rs. 1120 crore ... * Loan at zero percent interest rate to residential state farmers consuming less than 500 units of electricity per month, waiver of 100 units in electricity bill of electricity consumers on crop loan - ૯૨ 5% interest Government of India and 3% interest Government of Gujarat Lakh Electricity  Customers get Rs.  50 crore relief will be given.  Will pay.  In addition to Rs.  610 crore assistance.  લો Low transmission for commercial power consumers and industries * Rs.  Electricity customers with electricity connection will get an annual payment of Rs.  Financial assistance of Rs.  Fixed charge of Rs.  2.50 crore assistance, Rs.  500 crore relief.  * To boost the agrarian economy, Subhash Palekar Prakritik Krishi બનાવવા In order to make small shops viable by three-month method of June, July and August, the electricity tax required for demonstration of good beneficiaries will be increased to 12%.  From which 3% assistance in 20 kits.  Beneficiaries will get Rs 1 lakh and shopkeepers will get Rs 1 lakh.  50 crore relief.  Rs.  12.50 crore assistance.   

To further strengthen the agrarian economy, contract carriage buses and maxi cab industries will be given a waiver to farmers to build small godowns on farms under a six-month tax scheme from April 2020 to September 2020, which will provide Rs.  For Rs.  50 thousand assistance.  1.50 lakh plus Rs. 31 crore relief.  Farmers will get Rs.  50 crore assistance.  Incentive subsidy for industry businesses - Rs.  205: Rs.  Self-reliant package of Rs 5,000 to Rs 700 crore.  In addition to Rs. 10,000, to accelerate industrial activity, industries will get Rs.  50 crore assistance.  And payment of interest subsidy.  Industries to Rs.  3 crore * Fishing net fishing boat required for the fishing industry, will get a big relief from the money crowd by getting fish subsidy.  Textiles industry is an important place in the industrial sector in the state by the state government for purchasing 20 input equipments like seeds etc.  1 lakh fishermen will get Rs.  200 crore assistance.  

Have.  Such a textile industry is worth Rs.  80 crore capital property tax, electricity bill and vehicle tax exemptions and reliefs.  And the decision to pay an interest subsidy.  * Rs.  200 crore is a self-sufficient package to benefit all types of industrial units in the state.  150 crore capital and relief, 3 lakh units will get benefits.  Rs.  Decision to pay interest subsidy of Rs 500 crore.  Will be relieved.   More than 200 traders in the state were given Rs.  10% relief in property tax of Rs. 1500 crore for 3 mortgages from which decision to pay 2 VAT and GST refund.  Gujarat August 16, 2020

And it will have to be maintained as part of the record.  (If the candidate has applied for both the Junior Clerk and Gram Panchayat Minister for advertisements and has paid the examination fee of Rs.  ) / - + Rs.102) / - New candidates will have to pay Rs.  In the meantime, Mr. Covid's guidelines will have to be followed, the above instructions will be strictly followed and the work will be completed within the stipulated time by the concerned District Development Officer.

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