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Wednesday 22 September 2021

Program 2021 regarding the first examination of general and science streams of standard 9 and 10 as well as 11 and 12

 Program 2021 regarding the first examination of general and science streams of standard 9 and 10 as well as 11 and 12.

Program on First Examination 2021.

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Achievement through Sankalp became public interest oriented decisiveness and result oriented transparency Government's identity Gandhi Museum in Rajkot, World Class Gandhi Ziam Singh Darshan in Dandi  This F5.5 crore armor on Gujarat Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana •

 TORA G૫ - so that services up to meat are at the fingertips of citizens.  Strict law to prevent cow slaughter, ownership rights for the proposed society and ULC surplus land, giving priority to the interests of poor and middle class families.  Online Gun and Monline Development Permission System .

 The service bridge program solved the problems of 1.50 crore people.  * Online Tracking System for Attendance of Teachers and Statements, Panidar Gujran: Sauni for Saurashtra, Sujalam Sufalam for North Gujarat, Desalination Plant for Coastal Areas, Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan for Rainwater Collection Dear Daughter, Widow Pension Annapurna Yojana  Seven new medical colleges and an increase of 150 seats.  

• Tourism: Seema Darshan in Nada Bat, Shaan Sami of the country Statue of Unity, the world's tallest Sardar Saheb Statue of Unity  .

  Amrutam in the concrete steps of Gujarat in the field of green and clean energy by making more effective use of unconventional energy sources like revolving fund of Rs.  Increase the scope of Maa Vatsalya scheme.  3 lakh Ram. 

 Employment of 1.5 lakh youth in government jobs through transparent recruitment process through employment fair - Employment opportunities for 15 lakh youth.  All-round development of forest brothers - Implementation of Paisa Act Narmada Yojana Samp  Divyang Nigam, Yoga Commission, formation of Forest Reserve Commission.  

 Schools will have to conduct the first examination of Std. 9 to 12 from 16/10/2071 to 8/10/2071.  Gujarati (FL / SL) for Std. 9 and 10, English for Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences, English for Std.  ), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics as well as English for Standard Std.  , Will be prepared by Gandhinagar.  > For Std. 9 to 12, question papers and timetable of subjects other than the subjects mentioned in the above issue (for which question papers will not be prepared by the board) will have to be prepared at school level / svs level. 
 > The timetable prepared by the Board for the first examination is included in the enclosure (1).  > Planning for subjects other than this will have to be decided at SVS level.  E.g.  The date and time for the subjects prescribed by the Board for Std-12 Science stream is indicated and the remaining subjects will have to arrange the subjects as per their plan in the box xxx indicated.  Also the instructions given below the timetable in enclosure (1) should be taken into consideration.  In the timetable shown in enclosure (1) for Std. 12 general stream, U.A. basic stream and business oriented stream in the subject group other than the question papers prepared by the board in the subject group where the mark is shown at the school level / svs.  Topics should be planned and included in the schedule. 

 > Regarding the first examination of the subjects to be taken by the Board, a Nodal Officer (Class-II) has to be appointed from the District Education Officer level.  This nodal officer will be considered as nodal officer for all unit test, first and second examination of standard 9 to 12 as well as annual examination of standard 9 and 11.  > The nodal officer has to create his own confidential e-mail address separately. 

 Which will be used only for conducting the examination.  Similarly the nodal officer has to instruct the svs convener to create a confidential e-mail address which can be used only for testing / examination only.  > Sealed soft copy of question papers in Gujarati / Hindi / English (GHE) language of the subjects mentioned in the resolution of the education department will be given in person to the nodal officer of all the districts on 05/10/2071 15 days before the examination.

  For this meeting of nodal officers and to accept question paper to be present at the office of the board on 11/10/2071 at 11:00 hrs.  > For the first examination of the subjects prescribed by the Board, only the question papers prepared by the Board shall be used, other question papers may not be used.  As well as prescribed by the Board

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