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Friday 17 September 2021

Date:18/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

 Date:18/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

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ISIN Samachar Virodh became an independent scheme for the industrialists of Surat.  That.  12 Ventilators have to be donated to the General Hospital.  To keep the economy afloat, the state government has implemented "Venture Gujarat Assistance Scheme" in General Hospice with 12 ventilators and 3 fans.  Crores of rupees of self-help were donated to the book of Pre Vasanbhai Ahir through Kalyara Rajya Manji Banks and Mandals of Cooperative Social and Educational Backward Classes. 

 Reached the needy under the scheme.  For the industrialists of Surat, the efforts of the government to become the lifeblood of the mining self-reliant pooja from the Prime Minister Care HPCL have been applauded by the beneficiaries of GMSCL (Gujarat Medical Service Corporation, Ltd.). 

 While handing over the checks to the beneficiaries, the donor Kishorebhai Kanani said that 5 patients have been handed over to the beneficiaries in collaboration with the government.  There are ventilators and the state is rehabilitating small businesses and industries through this scheme. A total of 17 ventilators have been measured by the government.

  Rs. 3 crore loan checks have been given.  On this occasion, Kai-Morbi MP Shri Vinodbhai Chavda thanked the government for rescuing him, MLA Dr.  Nimabahen Acharya was present.  .  Sakhi Mandals of Rajkot district have been given human dignity kits and Dindayal Antyodaya Yojana is coming nationally. 

 This research is being done under the Rural Livelihood Mission of Gar Taluka.  Recently, the sisters of Rajkot Sakhi Mandals will earn more financially from Jetpur, Uplet, Jamkandora and Dhoraji.

  The kit of the machine was distributed at the present 1 of Jetpur Jamak Vaira's Sakhi Yoni buses.  On this occasion, Minister Shri Jayeshbhai Radadia and Jetpur Navagadh Municipality also said that in the rural areas, there are 5 daily cleaners working in the office where the Sakhi Mandals are working by the sisters. 

 The women who have done an excellent job in these Sakhi Mandals are getting financial support from the government and the daily cleaning is being done financially. 

 These comrades were then awarded permanent orders to more workers by Ash and Civil Supplies Minister Shri Jayeshbhai Radadia.  After the state government made efforts to become economically prosperous, why did Rukana Bhani come to Vyanike Jakot Raj Ayela Sikandrem Teno said "Hospice Maro - Pass's Rajkot operation. Moti Si = Manta Parivar here Gujarat Mogast, 2020

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