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Sunday 5 September 2021

Conductor paper taken by GSRTC today 5/9/21,

GSRTC Conductor Exam Provisional Answer Key Download 05/09/2021: 

According to the  details given in the  procedure of  announced villages / talukis / areas under  farm development, the list of  poem pose villages / talukas / areas  high low by crop due to drought, excess rainfall and seasonal rains (Mawthu) will be prepared by the District Collector.  Within seven days of the formation of Patna, the collector will be sent for the  Nonacceptance the State Government (Revenue Department). 

The State Government (Revenue Department) will  problems a list of  hog  flow areas, villages, talukas for the  advantages of this scheme within 3 days of receiving the  screamer .   concerning the  function of crop loss survey, the Chief Minister said that as per the list of affected villages / taluka areas by the state government, all the teams have been  decide by the District Development Officer. 



કંડકટર ભરતી અન્વયે અસલ પ્રમાણપત્રો ની ચકાસણી/ ઊંચાઈ માપન માટેના કોલલેટર જાહેર. 

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GSRTC/201920/32 કંડકટર ભરતી અન્વયે અસલ પ્રમાણપત્રો ની ચકાસણી/ ઊંચાઈ માપન માટે બોલાવવાપાત્ર ઉમેદવારોની યાદી: Click Here

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GSRTC Conductor Exam Date: 05-09-2021

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 The survey of the affected farms in the taluka area including the Punchnama will be done in 15 days.  After the completion of the survey, the list of farmers will be eligible for assistance under this scheme. In addition to the scheme signed by the District Development Officer, the list of farmers who will be declared as beneficiaries by SDRF order will also be eligible for the benefit as per the provisions of the scheme.  50% and more than 50% loss will be recoverable.  A list of two types of losses will be made public to get farmers' application online.  Shri Manish Bhardwaj, Secretary, Department of Agriculture and other senior portals will be prepared at this time.   pyeement farmers officials were also present at the e-gram center. 

GSRTC કંડકટર પરીક્ષા ની ફાઈનલ આન્સર કી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા આહિંકલિક કરો

 You have to  register online on the portal.  The  acceptance Gujarat farmer has become rich enough to  obtain all the   supplying of modern life  streetlight in the bank account of the benefit beneficiaries through DBT.  The public will be paid by the state government.  Special arrangements will be made for the relay mechanism of Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana farmers, which has been gripped for the  ABOVE questions of the  advantages farmers.  Will  grow  wealth . 

કંડકટર પરિક્ષા ના ડોક્યુમેન્ટ્સ વેરીફીકેશન માટે પસંદ થયેલા નું લિસ્ટ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

 A positive environment for agricultural development, toll free number service for the guidance of agricultural farmers, related facilities available, farmer oriented policy and people's cooperation will be provided.  As a result, Gujarat will be the pioneer of the second green revolution in the country.  6 and all the districts of Rajapaksa except 3 inches or more rain in 3 hours is recorded as per the rain gauge of the revenue taluka and the loss in the standing crop planted will be considered the risk of excess rain.  From 15th October to 19th November in the rain gauge of revenue taluka in 3 consecutive hours 20 mm.  

GSRTC Conductor Exam Provisional Answer Key Download 05/09/2021: click here અહી ક્લિક

If it rains more than and the crop is  harm in the field, it will be considered as risk of non-seasonal rain  All the farmers registered in the  income records in the entire state will be  think about as account  container and charter park farmers will be  contentment as  think about  under the Forest Right Act.  The scheme will be   carry out in Kharif 2020. 

*✍️👨‍✈️ ડ્રાઇવર અને કંડકટર ના ગ્રેડ પે માં સુધારો કરવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર* ⤵️

 For the  advantages of this scheme,  grow should have planted in kharif season.  50 / - per hectare will be  obtainable in a  greatest limit of 3 hectares.  Crop loss in kharif season is more than 50% for loss of Rs. 25OOO / - per hectare up to a  greatest of 5 hectares Gujarat 15 August, 2020

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8 કલાક ના સમય વિશે શુંકહ્યું ચુડાસમા સાહેબે જુઓ

 Conductor paper taken by GSRTC today 

Job,Exam, GSRTC Conductar exam paper date 5/9/2021 

Policy 9.2 To promote clusters,  demotion of up to 50% of project cost (up to Rs. 3 crore) will be  provision for  provision and up gradation of roads,  installing of   make armature like warehouse  provision , fire stations, underground  co permit tainment etc.  9.3 Workers of Industrial Clusters - In order to provide better living facilities to the laborers, 80%  income assistance i.e. up to Rs. 3 crore will be on condition that under the  manufacturing base Policy for  dorm Housing in Manufacturing Clusters.

  10) Sustainable Manufacturing: 10.1 As per GPCB  assistance , at least 50% (up to Rs. 3 lakh) capital  think about will be given to industries following the method of waste  recuperation by zero liquid discharge.  10.2 FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR MANUFACTURE MANUFACTURES: This policy  permit MSMEs to pay 3% of the cost of plant and machinery and 10% of the cost of plant and machinery (up to a  greatest of Rs. 3 lakhs) to large industrial units to use clean and pure technology for production instead of existing  procedure .  Will give  motivation .  Such technologies include  procedure such as substitution and optimization of raw materials, reduction in water  utilization or energy  utilization , or waste production.

  11) Common Environment  base Facilities;  11.1 The total project cost for Common Environment Infrastructure facilities has been  grow from the existing 25% to 30%.  In which assistance up to a maximum of Rs. 20 crore will be provided.  11.2 Development of Green Estates: Financial assistance of 5% (up to Rs. 3 crore) of project cost for setting up or  budgets green industrial estates or retrofitting existing polluting industrial units and  change them into green  manufacturing estates. 

 11.૩ The Common Boiler Project of Special  grow Vehicle  permit by at least 10 MSME units will  obtain an  indication of 50% of the cost of fixed assets at a cost of Rs.  1 crore will be given.  12) Skills and Training Support: An analysis of the skills  condition of  manufacturing in different sectors of the state and the gap between the available workers will be  obtainable . 

 This will help in  make ready a roadway for  think about skills related to the local  famous and thus bridging the gap.  As well as Cli Development Anchor Institutes,  esoteric s.  The state government will also provide financial support for setting up of Skill Development Centers, Skill Upgradation Centers etc.  In addition, this policy provides Rs.  Will give  indication up to 150.  13) Garuda, an organization dedicated by the state government to ensure easy movement of goods in and out of the state as well as to  grow  transport .  (GARUD) has been created. 

 The  frame work built under this  company will help  manufacturing reduce  manufacturing costs and therefore  grow competitiveness against other developing economies.  14) Industrial Extension Bureau for  banker as a single point contact for all government related queries and approvals.  (iNDEXTb) will nominate dedicated relationship managers.  15) Investment Facilitation Portal (IFP) - Mega Online Permission: About five lakh applications have been processed from the investor  aid portal state single  casement .  

 16) Centralized Inspection System: A new  investigation of  concertina  examinations  System has been undertaken in the state to promote  incidentally and ease of doing business.  17) For industries in the pipeline: Projects under the  precedent policy of 2015 which are at different stages of  explication .  Such projects will be given time to go into production and work within 1 year of the  statement of the new industrial policy to complete the project.  Common  base projects will be given two years to complete the project within two years of the  report of the new industrial policy.  • Support Gujarat August 15, 2020

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