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Friday 13 August 2021

Watch today's Date 14/8/21 home learning na videos directly from the YouTube link

 Watch today's Date 14/8/21 home learning na videos directly from the YouTube link 

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Tribal special electricity spreads in the homes as well as in the lives of tribal citizens in Ujas K.  About |  Home income will rise and fall.  Will not be able to resist.  Opportunity for Heritage, Enhancement |  Tribes and heritage.  In today's age, like roads, water and education, substations of energy are very important.  Electricity is reaching every house. 

 Energy not only spreads light in the home, it has created new employment opportunities at the rural level.  So at the rural level, new energy and progress has been transmitted in the lives of the citizens as well.  Progressive Gujarat's decisive, sensitive government has made significant progress.  Similarly, with the goal of 1.3 lakh agricultural welfare, electricity connections have been provided keeping its development momentum uninterrupted.  So the cottage is under scheme. 

 With proper development of all sections of the society, electricity connections have been provided to 1.5 lakh deprived households.  These and tribal people also develop, for which the state government has provided Rs.  The state government has focused on various things to bring the expenditure of Rs 206 crore to Hirol.  In addition, the renewable energy possessive benefits in the tribal area are to be delivered to them. 

 Drinking water will be provided to the homes of every tribal community with special incentives for maximum utilization of resources from the Nal Se Jal Yojana. 

 Is coming.  Similarly, under the Jyotigram scheme, the work of providing electricity to the villages of the eastern belt to the farmers of the tribal areas has been completed.  For the last 15 years in the year 2015, Rs.  50 crore and 100 new 66 KV in Sagarkantha area in a year.  In starting sub stations of Rs.  It has been decided to implement Rs. 5 crore crore only and come and to implement 1.5 lakh electricity connection to the tribal farmers. 

 The social and economic efforts of the Gujarat government have brought about a great change in the lives of the tribal citizens.  Areas also have access to electricity and water today.  It is difficult to imagine a world without electricity.Education, health, electricity has reached all the villages.  1.5 lakh electricity connections have been provided to the farms in the area where electricity is required for tribal agriculture, irrigation as well as self-employment. 

 The Gujarat government considers electricity as a development need.  Under the cottage scheme, a campaign has been launched to provide electricity to 1.5 lakh households in the tribal areas.  Began to deliver electricity to the area.  Due to which today even in the border village of the eastern strip Rs.  203 crore has been spent. 

 Due to the arrival of energy in the tribal areas of the eastern belt under Jyotigram scheme, 58 villages of Kheti Aditi have taken advantage of 4 hours of electricity and have made progress in the field of employment, self-employment and education.  There are 12 justices to provide.  • Gujarat Summer, 30 

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