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Tuesday 3 August 2021

Watch 4/8/21 Home Learning Std. 3 to 12 Video Direct from YouTube Link

 Watch 4/8/21 Home Learning Std. 3 to 12 Video Direct from YouTube Link

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The important contribution of my caste society in the development of Dinoshaya Shaya is also in BP Pikam.  Vibha mana ji ji became abhavansik thotha, not human.  Vartata sansamama na pani ma che manne malidan aapo che em kahi e ba |  Applauded his patriotism.  The Minister used to say, Adinakhi.  All the facilities including grazing, bedding, fair, education, health, irrigation, agriculture and animal husbandry in the tribal areas in the head of the village have been flooded and the name of the Kan government has survived.  The development of areas in the relatively available creation has been accelerated by WI, not only for fun, but also for fun.  Shri Saurabhbhai Patel, the Minister for Development of Maurav Apava, said that the name of Nanami and  Due to the wide range of education facilities in the area, the Maujati are getting a good education as a result of the work they have done. 

 The Minister added that the state government is active and committed to the development of people's minds and for us, the name of the holiday for the people in Makkam.  "The people of Chhewada are among the creditors. My mother is happy with the success of the scheme and the success of the people's representatives," he said.  As well as for the benefit and welfare of the farmers.  The time pabitamic kalik bill and the queen of the king are firmly accomplished.  MP Parbatbhai Patel said that the government has committed a grave sin for the death of Birsa Munda Rai in the family of Zarupi Sarvagi Liyako of Nalijam Visnari in the state.  On this occasion, Vadaya Prasrat Mal, Damo Jigapura), who measured the completion of 5 Vyaji Manjputa in Gujarat, was not inaugurated.  Program Amisha to Khadijati Mampi dh, many months from mother to mother no na habhapma land ban nasi th dha me baby woke up,

Mirana Munda, Na Modhi, Bapa Bhil and others who have been enticing the Yasi community especially for the day.  Pan l, khand, maro.padhi kana nana nana pan na maar mari th # aa jagya, kheti, pashupalan jaane ke haath dharasha jo shri dilidha bagh prana ni khabam naamo  As a result this Java practice was bonapi.  Remembering Khadiya's mother who resigned, Kai Shri told the tribal community in the "Kirona" cell that the Padhivami consent is a free culture so that the state and the central government do not fall into the world's oldest monuments.  Farmers, students, small businesses along the way. 

Those cells also help the groom and give him a sense of culture, the minister added, adding that there is a proportion of Vijayanagar.  By implementing the forest land rights along with the money, the government has given the sinful rights to the good tribal community of the struggle against the arrogance of Pal-Dadhwav village of Vijayanagar.  Speaking on the occasion, he said that various decisions have been taken by the government for the education of children as well. 

 Former MLA Shri Vijaybhai Patel narrated the pride story of the Madivasi community and gave an idea of ​​the tribal policies of the government.  In this kayak, 18 beneficiaries of various schemes were awarded a total of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh by dignitaries including the Minister. 

 Flynn "Zero has been started without worrying about the family on his own, moreover he is doing his duty as a charioteer for higher studies" to make a special arrangement for his reasonableness.  Hon'ble Minister Shri Ganpat Singh Vasava, Tribal Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Smt.  But the country's prime minister and Tani's chief minister expressed commitment.  Mr. Narendrabhai Modi has started Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana for the services of Jak Makovih. 

 He added that Raj Gamit and Khayush Medical Government of Pimpri Primary Health Center were taking care of their well-being by providing basic facilities to Garvi.  Kari publicly greeted that, even in the language tribal talukas, it is worth mentioning that the theme Madivasi Day should be celebrated during this program in addition to Marogya, so that the people of Gaddi can learn about his education, Knit and JEE, sports, animal husbandry,  Information on farming votes and eating can be done in a matter of moments.  Not being done.  Roxo in Gujarat wire

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