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Tuesday 24 August 2021

The result of standard 10 repeater students will be announced online tomorrow morning.

The result of standard 10 repeater students will be announced online tomorrow morning.

Education,STD 10, The result of standard 10 repeater students will be announced online,2021,

Tribal Special ZERO CONTACT Struggling Motivational Stories from Clay Stoves to City Pizza Parlors  કોઇ A young woman working on a farm with a salary of ૨ 2000 is the manager of a city pizza parlor?  Manage 3 was promoted instead. 

 Then the last answer is yes, today's youth should make such an idea unmistakable when the Gita is changed at Bardoli in October 2018 and with the brainstorming in the direction of realizing it if today in Bardoli with incentive monthly Rs.  5% thousand is earning the same amount of money in a sincere effort.  Today's youth will never retreat.  Geeta Vasava of Narmada district says that due to her intense study in Sagbara taluka in the tribal hinterland, her job at Vadodara as well as the struggle of Geeta Vasava from Pardi village to talk here with MSW as an external student from a college in Bhavnagar is also excellent.  Have passed. 

 Gita's career has not stopped there and yet the dream has come true even in the true sense of the word in the study of MA, expressing her strong desire to join the TAKEAWAY of reality today.  It is said that since the big work of Sagbara taluka started this year, Gita Vasava of Pardi village will get admission in it.  After passing 12th standard, she was very keen to pursue further studies with this extraordinary skill.  Karnar Gita is tribal but Gita's parents were not ready to teach her the best for the daughters of the society.  An example is provided.  The resolute Gita at the beginning says that I did not want to teach Gita any more by insisting that Deendayal was a villager.  He is very happy and delighted after reading the announcement of the name.

  After that, Geeta says with enough enthusiasm that Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company had joined the course of Rentail.  Thus, in this course, Deendayal Upadhyay, trained by the Center and the State Government in the field of skills, can make his future bright Gita night and day from Vadodara through the rural skill scheme of making tea on the stove in a raw clay house.  

પરીણામ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

At the beginning of this year, the state government has given a monthly stipend of Rs.  With a salary of Rs.500, she got involved in pizza schemes, certain types of training and business.  In order to achieve employment, many youths have set the pace towards their future in modern times.  3 or Rs.  5% and finally Rs.  Gita Vasava of a large parodi village waiting for the rural brothers and sisters of the hinterland tribal area to make their future brighter by taking a monthly salary increase of Rs.  Gujarat 92 September 1, 2020

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