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Sunday 15 August 2021

Play a quiz about Independence Day Test your knowledge

 Play a quiz about Independence Day

 Test your knowledge

Tribal special schools are run, in which approximately more than 3000 students of Shakhya group water supply schemes (including NONO are in progress in the work. Tribal area has been made.)  With a total population of 2 lakh and Eklavya schools covering an estimated population of Rs.  A provision of Rs. 1 crore per annum has been made for water supply works under Rs.  At the same time, for proper physical development of the district, Khedbrahma, Vijaynagar and Dudh Sanjeev scheme has been implemented effectively in 11 villages of Poshi talukas and Rs. 

 A scheme of Rs. 3.5 crore at a cost of Rs. 21.5 crore in 15 years has benefited 3 lakh students of Dang district.  Therefore, it has been decided to cover Rs. 15 crore in tribal areas based on weir on rivers, to provide assistance to 6 anemia patients in Garudeshwar taluka, covering villages and 5 falia.  Rs. 5 crore scheme in Rekhajati area, PPP in Valsad district. 

 Medical colleges have come under the model.  For the last five months, 30 villages and 3 super specialty hospitals in the entire Pardi taluka and Bharat Koro are facing diagnostic services worth Rs 115 crore covering the falia.  At such a time, the sensitive scheme of Gujarat, 111 villages of Valsad taluka, the state government has implemented a new health policy - the government has implemented 2017 covering the tribals of the state, the poor and the poor.  

The state is worried.  In the state, a scheme of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs.  , Cancer, Rs.  A package of Rs 30 crore for local water hemorrhage and sickle cell anemia has been announced in tribal areas.  Under the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana, a provision of Rs.  Pure drinking water has been provided to the tribal beneficiaries in the tribal area.  At present Rs. 2G has been delivered under free medical aid scheme.  By the year 9O1, only crores of work is in progress, from which in the last four years, at a cost of Rs. 3.50 crore, 4.5 per cent households were provided free drinking water from tap water to about 6000 patients in 203 villages of 21 talukas of the district. 

 The Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana and assistance has been given to a population of 21 lakh in 9 cities.  After Chankh came to the stool  |  Is lame.  The state's landless laborers and their families have been getting pure tap water from raw water through the Halpati Housing Board in the tribal areas of the state. 

 The scheme is 50 or more years old, and in the tribal area, under the total scheme, Kabiledad has completed the work of 10, 15 mini pipe ponds for the reconstruction of dilapidated Halpati houses in 15 years. 

 The last four have been done under the assistance scheme for tribal areas, to raise the water level in the tribal areas, to cover a total of 203 villages and 5 cities at a cost of Rs 11,8.50 lakh over the years in the hilly areas, to irrigate water, to build canals, to build 11,8 houses.  Taking an estimated Rs. 6,010 crore, 15 wells, various to provide water through tubewells

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