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Monday 23 August 2021

GPSC Calendar Update: Many Recruitment Dates Changed 2021

GPSC Calendar Update: Many Recruitment Dates Changed

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The women of Ambheti village who are financially strengthening the family with tribal special handicrafts: 0 0 Vaishali Parmar The land of Gujarat state has been throbbing with art, culture and culture for years, Gujarat is proud of its traditional dances, handicrafts, embroidery, mythological architecture, painting etc.  The history of Gujarat is being preserved till today.  This is because of the heritage of art passed down from generation to generation.  

The Gujarat State Government is vigilant and committed to preserve this heritage.  As part of preserving the heritage of this art and to create employment opportunities for all the sisters of Gujarat, various trainings are being imparted by the Gujarat government.  Maheshwariben Patel, Minister of Hariom Self Help Group, said, "We all like to make these creations, and we also earn through them, so it doesn't feel like working.  Besides, stalls are provided free of cost by the government in various programs so we do not have to worry about marketing or opening a separate store.  We are grateful to the state government for that. 

 The Gujarat government has started a 'Hariom Self Help Group' in 2010 to help the self-help group at all Krishi Vigyan Kendras in the state.  Under this program, 'Hariom can do well too', all the sisters of the self-help group have received Rs.  The program at Krishi Vigyan Kendra has earned more than a thousand rupees through 'Hariom Assistant Premilaben Ahir's Self Help Group'.  Obtained under guidance.  After the training, apart from this, small and big companies and all the sisters of the congregation started making various designs as part of the promotion of small scale industries through home organizations.  In which teddy bears, orders are given separately. 

 Thus with the encouragement of doggie, sparrow, cushion, garland, chandelier, foot state government, various organizations and appreciation of wipes, dolls, cloth bags, wool art, these purses, cloth purses, and other housewives to help their family start making decorative items financially.  Has been able to.  had been done . 

જાણો ડિસેમ્બર 2021 ની કઇ પરિક્ષાઓ ની તારીખ બદલાઈ

 Apart from this, the women who have been trained in horticulture by the sisters have also been trained in nursery and kitchen garden in art farming.  Which is used by the state government for daily publicity at a rate of lifestyle.  This year handicraft sales fairs and exhibitions cum sale are held at various places even in the modern era when traditional.  For example, a nice fair, a good agricultural fair for the sisters through Kalo, and the state government and the district can get employment, so there can be no better thing for the state. 

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Free stalls are given in the programs.  .  Gujarat's southern line, in which Gujarat is making Ajap proud along with preserving the variety it has created.  ધર An exhibition of Dharampur fabrications of Valsad district at Kapriya Chhewade of Ambheti village of the taluka has been organized and economic upliftment has been done.  Thus, these sisters Gujarat h 8) September, 2020


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