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Tuesday 17 August 2021

Department of Education Circular on Paternity Leave all in one post this information about patarnerty leaves

 Department of Education Circular on Paternity Leave

If the government e-glass in the name of the Tribal Sickle Cell Anemia Control Program.  But tea is called Niram ૫ Arogdha is a healthy sickle cell anemia, this disease is mainly the key to life.  The health is being taken care of.  It is to be mentioned that, as seen in tribal construction, last year, as per the rules of the government, to achieve the objective of health of all through Jarna, construction of Ramadivasi from generation to generation suffers from this disease.  Siddhesel Anemia or Patients have been treated by the state government as Nick Swarnim Gujarat's Sopano as well as anthropogenic disease and the patient's body was treated to achieve this goal.  

In addition to the problems that may arise from the proximity of the healthcare extension service to the nearest place of residence, the risk of life is not only a matter of health care but also a matter of health if the intensive efforts are not carried out.  Chief Minister Shri Vijay Bhai stands up.  You can also eat healthy food in tribal areas. 

 The Rupani-led government is focusing more on the tribal areas to eradicate the most common disease in the tribal areas.  Year assistance is being provided especially in the health services of the eastern state.  In addition to controlling sickle cell anemia from health એવાw in such rural areas, a program has been launched to make sickle cell disease treatment services a constant dream.  Which has been Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and, for the rest of the country.  The question mark for different Kharig program states has become rooted in tribal building by setting up separate wards at Valsad.  Under this program, Adi Shastri has decided to provide screening, treatment assistance to the tribal area from menstrual cramps, diseases or unhealthy conditions along with the treatment of the state.  Is doing. 

 The commitment of the State Government is to provide health awareness to the health workers to the people who are suffering from sickle cell disease.  He also has more than 9.35 lakh sickle cells.  Improving living standards for needy patients in critical condition.  (YK) and 30,0c sickle cell free blood is given.  A similar condition has been detected in tribal diseases. 

 The primary health center, community health, is being seen in the construction, not only that, but also the patient at their composite holoup center and civil hospital Gujarat September 21, 2020

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