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Friday 27 August 2021

Dated: 28/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 28/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

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Message Our Prime Minister Reverend Shri Narendrabhai has called for moving the country out of Corona's position and making it self-reliant in the time to come.  For a self-reliant India, farmers, youth, MSMEs, anyone who has a problem, if they have to undergo an operation, do not have to extend a hand, the cost of three lakh rupees will be borne by the state government. 

 Today we have given this benefit to 3 million families.  The first case of Corona on March 19 in Jarat has given a new package to small street vendors.  He has declared immediate action of Rs 1 lakh crore since the situation has improved since the 22nd incident.  Gujarat also started.  In the days of reckoning, the Prime Minister's call through 400 self-reliant Gujarat packages in four metros is being mobilized to build Covid-19 dedicated hospitals with bed capacity.  Came. 

 At the same time, Kovid hospitals were set up in every district with a capacity of 100 beds to make Bharatmata a world leader and a world leader.  We also have to make our Gurjargira the best of the best. In a short span of time, we have a capacity of more than 20,000 beds in Rajapaksa.  Special Covid Hospitals Covid High Centers with the four letter word Gujarat Vikas.  Has become covid.  Development is the identity of Gujarat.  Care centers have been set up.  With all the efforts, the mortality rate, obstacles, difficulties, difficulties may come and go today, but by reducing it to 6.1 per cent, we have decided that the growth rate of Gujarat will not stop. 

We have been able to control the death rate.  Is.  Obstacles and difficulties awaiting development Hasta Corona patients in Gujarat recover quickly, we have to overcome with our own mouths.  Goes back home.  Gujarat's recovery rate is 6 Shraddhey Atal Ji's rows, has reached up to one percent.  If the state government's 'Badhae Aati Hai To Aaye', the positive action against Dhirai Pralayaki Korona, let us reduce it to a great extent from Swarajya.  Is.  Habits - Laughing from a clean planet, setting fire to water, Kadam World Health Organization's deportation to Corina's Corona will be a move, * Come to hotspot areas of Gujarat  The performance is applauded. 

 To make the best of the best, the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters to make 52 lakh people a month sitting at home through this chariot and dreaming of becoming a mother of the world, Mother India has provided the services of our OPD, through CM Dashboard.  Keeping in touch with the corners of the state, we all look forward to the Corona Warriors who have provided encouragement and guidance to Mother India. 

 We will create the world.  In order to overcome the fear of Corona without caring for his own life, 'I am also a Corona Warrior' is one of the doctors who have joined hands in the para-medical campaign.  Staff, security personnel (O, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others in Saffaika and sacrificed their lives in the fight - revived the economic progress of the state after all these lockdowns.
  We have also given a self-reliant Gujarat aid package, the freedom fighters who are self-reliant, smart and healthy and as a result, small traders, artisans, farmers, traditional work, the guardians of a healthy Gujarat, the Corona Warriors  - Best wishes - Jai Jai Garvi People of Gujarat, seafarers, tribals, pastoralists, all workers have been economically empowered, daily earners, small traders, self-employed - Rs.  Loan up to Rs.

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