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Monday 23 August 2021

Dated: 24/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube


Dated: 24/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

Education,New Home Learning August 2021,All STD 3to12, Date24/8/21videos 

Gamanbhai of Dahod planted many rare trees in his farm which are not in tribal special Gujarat ... - Mahendra Parmar At present Gamanbhai has seen a silver oak tree growing in the Himalayas in his farm after 10 teak in Gujarat  Sandalwood and 300 mango trees have been planted.

  He has also cultivated many rare Lakshmanaphals in Andhra Pradesh or even the tree called Mother Sita in Lanka.  If you want to see the Sita Ashoka tree sitting down in the Himalayas in Gujarat, Silver Oak or Lakshmanaphal in Andhra Pradesh, the natural tree of Gamanbhai Vasaiya's farm in Sanjeli taluka of Sita Ashok Dahod can be seen in his wadi.  Should be visited in a special kind of environment. 

 In order to grow some of the trees in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Karmir, etc. in the land here, Gamanbhai has taken care and worked hard to grow many rare trees found in special states, he has grown them in his son's farm. 

 Salty sage trees like tree, arjuna tree, noni tree, kanchanar are found in Vasiya village of Sanjeli taluka of Dahod district as well as asparagus, purple, ashwagandha, blood sandalwood, fennel, palm tree.  But many farmers come to see Gamanbhai's farm for agricultural training organized by the state government.  He has participated in contact with Gamanbhai and tourism programs and has trained many farmers in farming. 

 Adopted modern farming methods.  As many as five farmers who have been trained by the state government have received taluka level agricultural training. They have received the award of Best Farmer in the festival under Atma project for learning new things.

  Going to Jalgaon in Maharashtra, who has received special drip irrigation training at the Krishi Mahotsav, he says that in his success, the contribution of Mabalakh production schemes by the government for farmers and by adopting modern methods in agriculture has been important.  Got it. 
 They visit the invaluable wadi of vine vegetables, gulka, karela, yam, ginger and many other farmers.  Many medicinal plants he has enjoyed visiting this beautiful farm to see the rare trees in his farm.  Feel special because their learning curve is strong.  A hardworking farmer and going to Jaipur to learn the state government's farmer oriented horticulture, he will find a beautiful example of the state's efforts for development in Vasia village of Sanjeli.  - have brought training.  Gujarat September 1, 2020

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