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Sunday 22 August 2021

Dated: 23/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 23/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

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Vaishali Parmar The women of Ambheti village, who have been supporting the family financially through tribal protests, have been running a pub with art, protection and culture for years after returning to the state of Gujarat.  Around the world, Gujarat takes pride in its traditional dances, handicrafts, embroidery, mythological architecture, painting, etc.  

History of Gujarat till today.  Saving.  The reason is generation after generation.  Giving is a legacy of art.  The Government of Gujarat is vigilant and committed to preserve this heritage.  In order to preserve the heritage of this art, 15 sisters of the village did art as part of the art of Gujarat state and all the sisters of Gujarat started 'Hariom Self Help Group' in 201 and did art to create employment opportunities for the family economically. 

 Under this program, various trainings related to 'Hariom can do well too' are provided free of cost by all the sisters of Gujarat Government Self Help Group through Soft Lockdown in the year 2020.  District Toys, Wool Making and Home Decoration Handicraft Fair held at Surat. One month training on other handicrafts of sisters under Village Development Agency.  Attempts to create a foothold have been made by Assistant Premilaben Ahir's self-help group under the guidance of the government. 

 Apart from this, small and big companies are also coming after the training. All the sisters of the congregation have started making this as part of the 'Hariom Self Help Group' ministerial decorations made by home organizations. 

 In which the teddy bear, the order is measured separately.  We all love to make things like this, the sparrow, the cushion, the pylon, the chandelier, the legs are from the state government, various organizations and, through which we also earn money by promoting waxes, dolls, cloth bags, wool art appreciation, so working  Purses, cloth purses, and the other 6 sisters not only provide financial support to the family, but have also been able to help the government start making decorations, stalls were provided free of cost at various events.  

Apart from this, horticulture is given by the month. We do not have any training for the women trained in marketing.  The use of which is no longer a daily concern.  For this and in various places of the year, decraft is sold in Jawan style.

Thanks to the present government, fairs and exhibitions cum sale are traditional even in the modern age.  Cars are adored all over the state.  For example, through Sarsans Mela, the sisters can get self-help group Krishi Mela at a good Krishi Vigyan Kendra through art and the state government and the district government can get employment. 
 And in the horticulture training training programs, all the sisters who have been given free steel are given the heritage of art.  Comes from the south of Gujarat, in which besides preserving the variety he has made, the state of Gujarat is also giving economic rewards by organizing an exhibition of Dharampur products of Valsad district.  Kapriya of Ambheti village of the taluka has been done.  Thus, these sisters

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