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Tuesday 17 August 2021

Dated: 18/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 18/08/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

Tribal Special Board - Alwaya Wotaudai Ras 62 Jamna Pate Na Run Ramni Maa Par Par No Ni Ma WENGI to ૬ ALS Panchmahal District Thana Garjan Village Got a paved road * Prashant Trivedi  Village Sarpanch Nandubhai Patel of Vikas to the tribal and hinterland areas of the state said that with the construction of this road, "various schemes will be saved by the government for the purpose of delivering many successes in the way of coming and going."  Rickshaws have been implemented in the past due to unpaved roads. 

 Inland rural areas did not have major amenities but now with the Godhra stream becoming available, it will be easier to go to Kalol as the journey of JD and development continues.  The villagers are thanking the government in the hinterland of Panchmahal district for the noble cause of ending the problem of years.  Roads connecting major cities have been constructed. 

 The road connecting Dhana Garjan village with the main highway has become such a road.  Transport has started in the village under Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak Yojana, rickshaws in the village as well as others in Thana Garjan Garm of Godhiro taluka, Thana Garjan village Godhra vehicles have started circulating, the first village is inland village of the taluka.

  The ambulance with a population of about 1 EC could not reach as far as the village.  The mother is believed to have had difficulty in moving the village mainly to the Koli Patel-Adivasi brothers in terms of population.  The people of this village were mostly engaged in farming as well as labor hairdressing.  Now this is the mother class of Talishe.  The people of the village have to rely on Mawta Alpesh Parmar and Kalol of the village for their daily activities at Godhra and Godhra for study purposes.  The youths are saying that this beautiful village is surrounded by dense forest as it is becoming a new road in the village.

  The level of education in Godhra and Kalol will be higher as the road from Jungle Vinar to Paula Gisha to Kharso was not paved and more options to go are also available.  But this year the state government has built a paved road in the village to deliver the farm produce to the main market.

  The state government's panchayats are also going much easier and transport should be tightened.  By connecting the roar of the forest department with the main road through the road and building department of the Papa department, not only with the main road but also with the main permission of Dhira's father to become the winner, at a cost of Rs.  An asphalt paved road has been constructed in the distance, which made Maya Kapit, a villager, lose his mind.  , 1, 1020 Mani - A Maa Nava Par Sand ૪ p.  Movie Madhi. Tar Yojana Majna Gujarati

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