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Friday 30 July 2021

Today's Home Learning Date 31/7/2021 All Standard Video Direct YouTube Link

 Today's Home Learning Date 31/7/2021 All Standard Video Direct YouTube Link

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Cover Story |  Another step forward of Gujarat in the field of industry ... Gujarat In Helis Gujarat is Industrial Policy - 2020 Business Friendly With a new industrial policy, Gujarat is moving forward with results oriented towards realizing the dream of a self-reliant India.  The new industrial policy will become a business investment destination for global entrepreneurs in the coming time and when it comes to development in the country, then the state of Gujarat will definitely emerge.  Must be mentioned.  Gujarat is the most industrialized state in the country, Gujarat's new industrial policy in the total industrial production of the country: the share of eye-catching matters is 18.4 per cent, with Gujarat also accounting for 20 per cent of the country's total exports.  

12 foreign special sectors in the state will be eligible for more benefits.  In order to attract investors to invest, the then Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi gave 15% of fixed capital investment as capital subsidy up to Vibrant Gujarat Global.  Investors Summit kicked off.  As a result MSMEs in the state get subsidy in capital and interest.  

A huge amount of investment has been made in the industrial sector and ample employment opportunities have been created by private companies.  Special incentives on current state government policy and R&D centers for industrial development in the state.  Internal security is a very important factor.  Relocation incentives on Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai to relocate industries from other countries.  Under Patel's leadership, Gujarat has made a name for itself across the country in the field of industrial investment, long-term lease of government land and startups.  Will be found. 

 The recent appointment of Chief Minister Relationship Managers to accelerate the industrial development of the state as well as to set up special new industries for easy single point contact.  New Gujarat Industrial Policy Mega Online Permission and Central 2020 was announced by Shri Vijaybhai Rupani.  Inspection agency.  Silver with a New, Interesting and Business Friendly Industrial Policy 38) + September, 2020 

Cover Story Bente it tindustrial Policy 2020 erala Jing Progress inability Shri Vijayhl H child scare) arctive or Del 2 Polly 2030 |  Extreme Gujarat is realizing the dream of a self-reliant India with electric vehicles, waste in the sectors.  This new industrial management project, eco-friendly policy will help Gujarat in the future in materials, industry.  4.0 Equipment, the sun will create a sustainable manufacturing and service industry and wind energy equipment and exports a global business destination.  Information about this new industry policy has been included in the inclusion of based units.  Giving Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai in the form of technological development, he said that global investment trends, integrated significant prospects and sustainable economic growth can contribute to value chains, exports, central government policy, etc.  Fields have been emphasized, as will be promoted in phases. 

 These sectors have been divided into core sector and sunrise sector as a result of the developmental policy of the state government today.  Gujarat has become the best choice of investment.  He further added that the new policy has attracted Gujarat to include most of the suggestions made by capital investors due to global and transparent government policy, peace and security environment in the state, national production trends as well as sectors.  With that has come the industries by the state government.  To promote electronics and industrial machinery in the core sector, 'Gujarat Industrial Policy-2020' has been announced for Automotive, Agro Processing, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals.  These include areas including the Gujarat Industrial Policy, where Gujarat has already a strong foundation for manufacturing - the brainchild of the 2020s' features and attractiveness - with the prospect of further acceleration at the global level recently by the state's Department of Industry and Mines.  Japar in association with Sunrise AssoCHAM, II and FICCI Gujarat Chief Minister 39) September 1, 2020

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