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Monday 5 July 2021

Subject: State Government and Non-Government Aided Secondary and U. Ma. Matter of keeping school time in the morning.

 Subject: State Government and Non-Government Aided Secondary and U. Ma. Matter of keeping school time in the morning.

 Reference: The instruction of Hon'ble Secretary (Education) regarding the above subject and reference to state that the government and non-government subsidized secondary and U.M. Considering the current Kovid-12 epidemic in schools, school hours are asked to be kept till morning till 31/09/2021. Government and non-government subsidized secondary and U.M. This is to give the necessary instruction from your class to keep the morning time in schools.

 Yes, I am a language teacher. Bhaktinben Chetankumar Carpenter What is the good fortune of working as a teacher of mother tongue? It is not just a matter of the beliefs of the students, but also of the school administration or management, for those who are dialed, language learning is a matter of utmost respect, alas! The surprise happens when Bhashashim himself, but also shows negligence towards his subject and work. It is natural that the subject loses its importance when the teaching of mother tongue is limited to the procedure of passing 80 marks examination with 33 marks by writing a question and answer in a textbook unit such as five-seven stories, poems, travelogues or sketches. The reality is that carelessness is constantly shown with the mother tongue. So maybe we also find raw material in the written or oral expressions of people who can be called good geniuses. In addition, when a person reaches a post that is said to be a little better in life, he starts confusing his language, his speech and behavior become foreign, and the rest of the people start using such half-hearted language by making such people role models. Both are crushed. People are running away from their mother tongue and have started blindly trying to find another language, it has become so vicious that people have started using Par Ki Bhasha as a means of imparting knowledge of life to their three year old child. It is probable that the newcomer assumes the language in a pure way. The situation is really worrying, we have a special need to understand things like decency, cowardice, understanding. We have to understand that, as long as the thoughts are clear 14 {[no expression is beyond the pulse. As long as nothing is understood, nothing can be done. રસ As long as no interest is generated, no one, Leo Ma Khanu {| Can be, is and will not matter to the heart unless the same mother tongue is used. 

બિનસરકારી અનુદાનિત માધ્મિક અને ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક શાળા નો સમય બાબતે અગત્યનો પરીપત્ર 

Thatt is why first of all you have to learn the language well and also acquire skills in it. If one Bhapa is acquired in a systematic manner, another language can be easily learned through Taina and knowledge can be acquired. This is the culture of mankind only if there is language. Only if there is language is it possible to exchange ideas and knowledge in society. As a mother tongue teacher, there is a desire to prove some very important things to the society. For example, 1, what is the need to learn the language we speak? 2. What is mother tongue education really? 3, What is the importance of mother tongue education? 4 And most importantly, the duty of a mother tongue teacher is a pleasure in which a person gets strength, body becomes strong and brain develops. - Rabindranath Tagore May 27, 2021

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