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Saturday 24 July 2021

Learning at New Home July 2021 Videos Stud 1 to 12 All Students Very Useful Videos Link on 7/5/2071

 Learning at New Home July 2021 Videos Stud 1 to 12 All Students Very Useful Videos Link on 7/5/2071 

Education,New Home Learning July 2021,23/7/2021 

Simplification of decision making process - Transparency - Another milestone of clean administration Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani counted in Rajapaksa.  Due to the incentives given by the state government, by adopting the approach of radical revenue reform in the industrial sector, the way to make Gujarat's Ease of Doing Business easier has been given to the Chief Minister. 

 To give further impetus, the state government has decided to make important amendments in the Cabinet meeting to amend the provisions of the Gavant Act for this purpose as well as in the Cabinet meeting.  Not only that, if more land has been purchased in the state but it is not possible to use it for industrial purposes, the provisions of GDCR may attract industrial investment.

 Land can also be sold for purposes other than industry.  Now across the state, according to the certificate received in such cases  After that Agricultural University, Animal Husbandry University, Medical College, Engineering 1% for 4 to 5 years, 40% for 6 to 8 years, for 8 to 10 years?  To purchase agricultural land for college or any other educational purpose, prior approval of the District Collector, who has fixed Rs.  It will be sold only after taking less than Rs.  Purchase of such land in lieu of such lands.  

Within one month after the merger of the company, Venture, Mar Mash or the District Collector will be informed and the project will not be considered as a fixed land sale by obtaining certificates transferred to the required company like its own subsidiary, Group Bonafide Industrial Company or Associate Paz.  , Transactions can be initiated.  In the past, only 10 takas of Jantri could be transferred for purchase of such land by paying the price - premium or to other agricultural institutions. Debtors need to get approval from the District Collector. 

 The buyer of such lands in the auction will have to pay only 10 per cent premium of Jantri within 30 days of the commencement of the auction order and the commencement of the project.  The problem of delay will now come to an end in this new system under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani.  With this decision of the Cabinet, the difficulties faced by the industrial entrepreneurs in revenue Gujarat Medical-Engineering and Vocational Education issues will be avoided.  While the Chief Minister has made the region a hub including super specialty hospitals, the revenue process in the state is easy - transparent and clean.  Ease of purchase of land by entrepreneurs has opened a new direction of holistic development in the state by eliminating the issue of agricultural lands in the noble spirit that land can be made available.  Efficient use will be possible as well as new opportunities for development will find a new direction of employment. 

  Following the successes of Gujarat Vibrant Summit and the incentives given by the state government to the industry sector, Best Destination Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Education, Medical, Engineering, Health have also become the Chief Minister's Four Industrial Investment.  As a result of this growth of industries, employment opportunities have also arisen on a large scale.  The name of making Gujarat the best from the best will have to be crossed.  • September 1, 2020 Gujarati

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