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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Direct link to watch gyaansetu video Direct link to all standard videos from 15/7/2021

 Direct link to watch gyaansetu video Direct link to all standard videos from 15/7/2021 

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Education Test (2) Shri Gopal Krishna Gokhale Born: 9-5-1866, Died 10-2-1915 Shri Gopal Krishna was always careful not to let anyone else see his personal papers, not to let any outsider peep into his personal life. When Gokhale felt that his end was near, he immediately ordered his personal assistant, Dr. Dev, to burn all the correspondence and personal information. He thus destroyed the treasures of his character by hand. Told his friends and disciples before he died. “Don't put idols behind me. Don't waste time writing my biography. If you. If you are a true Bharat Sevak, spend your life in the service of India, strengthen the 'Bharat Sevak Samaj'. 

 Embellish; That will be my memorial. What a great and noble spirit! But he became famous first as a teacher and then as a patriot. Gokhale was published in 1887 and was highly acclaimed. Justice Rande recognized this Manvaratna and gave a new direction to his life. At the age of 23, Gokhale became a friend of the 'Sarvajanik Sabha' and started public life the very next year. He served as an ardent patriot till the last month of his life. Many zealous young men under Neja have made invaluable contributions to the freedom struggle. They had great faith in Gandhiji and seeing his work they went to South Africa in 1912. He and Gandhiji had a relationship of Guru-Shishya and it lasted a lifetime. Anyway,  Anjali: 'Gokhale is gone, but it is possible for you and me to behave in such a way that his soul is immortalized in us and through us.' '- Mahatma Gandhiji • Gandhiji considered Shri Gokhale, a charismatic patriot, as his political mentor. Lela Gopalrao's father's name was Krishnarao and mother's name was Satyabha. A wonderful combination of father's sincerity and mother's sincerity was seen in Gopalrao. As a student he was considered intelligent and diligent.

 He was fond of reading bronze and his memory was sharp. When his father died at the age of 13 (in 1879), he and his elder brother Govindrao were brought up in extreme poverty.
 In order not to have to burn eight annas of oil per month for night reading, they eat in the light of the municipal lamp, matriculation in the fifteenth year and B.A. in the eighteenth year. a . If you want to be a Palarao, then ICS. To be • Pro. Vasant Joshi (Thanks from the booklet 'Individuals') Compilation: Assistant Secretary (Adjustment Branch) Gu.Ma. And U.M. Board of Education, Gandhinagar Yoga is the union of life with Shiva. May, 2021

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