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Sunday 13 June 2021

The full name of the G-SHALA application launched by the Government of Gujarat (Department of Education) is as follows

 The full name of the G-SHALA application launched by the Government of Gujarat (Department of Education) is as follows.

 Gujarat Students Holistic Adaptive Learning App

On Blind Children and Technology Manubhai R. Chaudhary Paralyzed Persons Rights Act-2016 Muj 3 (a) 'Blindness' means a person who has any of the following conditions after making the best correction () complete lack of sight, or (2) better eye after making the best correction possible. A visual acuity limit of less than 360 or less than 10/263 (Snelan), or a visual acuity limit at an angle of less than (૩) 10 degrees, can cause vision impairment in up to 25 percent of children.

 If visually impaired children are identified through early identification, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and are trained and equipped with the latest technology devices as per their need and need, then children with such disabilities can be useful to the nation, society and family.

એપ્લિકેશન કેવી રીતે ડાઉનલોડ કેશો એનો વિડિઓ 

There are many living examples available today that can help you get an education and become self-reliant. (B) ‘low vision’ means that the person has any of the following conditions, (1) better after making the best possible improvement. Maximum range of field of vision in the eye is 6418 or less than 10/200 (Nation), up to 3/60 or up to 10/200 (Nellan), or (2) less than 40 degrees but against an angle of up to 10 degrees. Three decades ago today, a child named Srikanth Bola was born in a normal family near Machilipatnam (a village on the banks of the river Krishna) in Andhra Pradesh. The struggle of this child born with blindness is a testimony to the fact that if a person strives with determination in his throat, he can fly beyond the limits to a certain high sky and can also achieve an unimaginable achievement. Although Srikanth comes from a very ordinary family, he achieved 85% (marks) in Std-10, studied science and technology in depth and aspired to move forward. But no school was willing to admit to the science stream in higher secondary. Everyone was bothered by Srikanth's blindness. Srikanth took the matter to court against the state government and the education department. The High Court has given Srikanth his education. 

Thus, according to the aforesaid Divine Persons Rights Act-2016, visually impaired persons are divided into two groups: (1) complete blindness and (2) Ala visually impaired. According to a study, children going to school have a limit of 20 griefs, not cheetahs. Grief is a thing of the past. When there are things to worry about! - Bankan April 36, 201

 મોબાઈલ એપ ડાઉનલોડGShala Download App click Here 

 whose name was born, if a person has the right to conceive beyond the strong, then the delay was too much time in the judicial process. It is said that, 'Even a man with a strong mind does not get frostbite.' Srikanth worked hard and achieved 98% in 12 science streams. For this, he got admission in B.Tech with a scholarship from Massageuts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Marika and at the same time he got the honor of being the first Indian Paschim student to get B.Tech degree in any (foreign) university abroad.

 Today, Srikanth is a reputed entrepreneur of the country, who has set up his own bowling food and packaging company. The company, which has an annual turnover of Rs 2,000 crore, employs 380 to 400 disabled people, out of Us' Beyond darkness. There is an enlightenment, 'A completely blind person came in the field of technology "Even today no one (Padit or educator) is ready to believe that he can achieve. Mr. Kant has proved the swan he has seen all over, not only that, he has opened the eyes of the world by employing many like him. You can also watch many of Srikanth's interviews on YouTube. Thus, throughout the twenty-first century, known throughout the world as the 'age of technology', many sophisticated technological devices have been developed that are useful in many ways to help is gone and penance | Course Me Application In, but when it comes to the beginning of the Visa River, there is a li12 mood, arbobo w Ro, Ma Bri did not come to the educational work of the animals [very big 41 (/ t m wd.), Science was not happy in the work of growing throat - Mr. Kant.

GShalaGujaratStudents'HolisticAdapve Learning App (Betaversion) Curriculum based * 2D-3D animated video, all textbooksin e-book format, content based on learning outcomes * and self-study-self-assessment for the entire school education of Std. 1 to 12 (currently upto Std. 10)  Complete facility with academic progress measurement based on the study done Students (Government and GrantedSchools) will have to login to G-Shala app with user ID and password after signing up (registration) with details including 12 digit child unique ID to login to GShala app for the first time.  
 Link to watch a video on how students can log in to the G-Shala ap
 Request to disseminate G-Shala app to all students and teachers of government and grant aided schools.
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