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Thursday 27 May 2021

Hs GIA Recruitment all letest update in 2021 call letter download

 Hs GIA Recruitment all letest update in 2021

CIRC adh sha parina Handicrafts, music, talk, drama, creative activities, hygiene activities and children's museum are his specialty  I see the great soul.  

This philosophy inspires me to work for the rights of children and their freedom and to die working.  Gijubhai's name: His children's books include 'Divaswapna', Montessori method, language teaching in primary school, primary school teaching methods, child education, Gijubhai's stories etc.  He has also written many thought-provoking articles, rhymes, songs and stories on child rearing.  Which has been translated into most of the languages ​​of India. 

 Madame Montessori had a great influence on his life.  He implemented his teaching method.  They equated it with the light of life.  The famous thinker Khalil Jibra has said, "You don't give love to a child". Not wanting to stress, he was a firm believer that the instinct of a child who learns and teaches will grow and acquire that tone. 

 The main objective of his education was to direct all the natural instincts in the right direction. Here are some of the features of Gijubhai Badheka's pedagogical method, which is also accepted by the present day education system.  Gijubhai's teaching methods include (1) personal development, (2) identification of creative power, (3) learning naturally, (4) the role of the teacher only as a mentor, (5) writing and reading specifically, (6)  Self-determination can be preferred, in addition to their specialized methods of quizzes, group discussions, drama experiments, self-study, listening arts, film method, real method, play, theoretical method, experiment,  

The story, for example, can be considered.  PTC in Gujarat  And B.A.  Although the above methods are used in the results are not the same as EA, which is the subject of research.  It is used only during micro-teaching and teaching lessons.  These methods are put aside when it comes time for trainees to do real jobs.  From the completion of the syllabus to the reading, discussion and writing methods such as writing exam-oriented questions and answers, the teacher-branch is left in between.

 કોલ લેટર ઝડપી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા 

કોલ લેટર ડાઉનલોડ લીંક 2

  There are such articles to really wake up the teacher !!  Regardless of the nature of the subject and the level of the classroom, you can think of the town, but not the idea, because it has its own ideas.  You can make his body lifeless but not his conscience.  

The voice of conscience is its future.  Which no one can see.  Not even in a dream.  You can be like a child but don't make him like you.  Life does not go back to the past.  

According to Gijubhai, education should be such that the child becomes self-reliant, fearless, creative, does not hesitate to do anything and builds his identity.  He was not in favor of teaching children various subjects, on the contrary, there can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail.  - Eric defeat November 41 - December, 2020 20

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