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Monday 12 April 2021

swaadhyayanpothi 3thi8ni all students use full study materiyal

swaadhyayanpothi 6thi8ni all students use full study materiyal.

swaadhyayanpothi 6thi8ni all students use full study materiyal.

Dear Saraswat Acharya friends and teacher brothers and sisters, Regards to all. We are happy and proud to present the March 2021 issue of 'Secondary Education and Testing' educational mouthpiece to our readers. 

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swaadhyayn pothi STD 3 

STD 4 swa adyayayn pothi click Here to download

Nelsonn Mandela's famous quote is: "The most powerful weapon to change the world, if there is one, is education ..." According to Mahatma Gandhi, All is to develop. "Education is the key to progress. Education enables the individual and strengthens the country.

 Education that teaches or cultivates every moment. In the situation of Kovid-19 for the academic year 2020-21 Std. 9 to 12 school examinations and Std-10 And for the board examination of Std-12, the question papers prepared by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education by the experts in the form, merit and sample question papers have been sent to all the MA / UMA schools through the District Education Officers from here. 

Swaadhyyanpothi STD 5 click Here to download

Byy the circular dated 24-2-2021 by the Board of Secondary Education, guidance has been given regarding the dates of the first and annual examination as well as internal evaluation for the school examination of Std. 9 to 12 to be held in the academic year 2020-21. In order to maintain the quality of education, the parents are also required to be aware of the importance of parental awareness at the time of examination. Getting his report, being aware of things like his presence, outcome and company with friends, recognizing his foster son or daughter's interests, abilities, ability to learn and understand, etc. 

STD 6 swaadhyayn pothi 

It is always the job of the father along with the child's mother to provide love, encouragement and inspiration. The program of public examination of Std-10 and 12 has been published in this issue. Provide details to all students. Std. When a large number of regular, private and repeater candidates are appearing in the public examinations of 10 and Std. 12 every year, starting from the work on the question papers, to evaluate all the answer scripts impartially, to prepare the results in a given time. - Cooperation is always the same hope - I expect.

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 The golden advice to the examinees is to develop a strong morale to deal with stress and anxiety and fear during the exam, if there is confidence, everything will be overcome. Cultivate concentration, meditate on it, do yoga, light exercise every day. Avoid playing during exams, waste time. 

Thee use of mobiles or other objects is distracting. Don’t think about the 24 hour exam, but relax a little while reading. Get closer to nature, listen to song and music. All of this is necessary to relieve stress. Never compete with others. Compete with yourself. Celebrate the exam like a festival. 

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Sciencee teachers are requested to be aware of the details of the 'Mathematics-Science Performance' circular in this issue and to guide the students so that the scientific outlook on life becomes inherently broad, and the research in children thrives and develops through science experiments. 

Thee author friends, readers and readers of this magazine are requested to send more and more articles and responses keeping in mind that this is our magazine.

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