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Saturday 24 April 2021

Science quiz has been prepared for standard 10 students.

 Science quiz has been prepared for standard 10 students.

Founded. Motibhai's first creative work was written by Motibhai Gamin, the father of a library husband in Gujarat. In 1932, Vajpayee Kshata was given the title of 'Librarian Father' in Akhil Kshi% Pustakalaya Pavi Pade. Father Narasimhafbhai was famous as 'Rotla's Raj', Motibhai inherited the human family rites from family members, similarly the school's headmaster Shri Maganbhai Amin was a strong and beautiful manager despite his modesty, these qualities strengthened Motibhai Amin's life. . At a time when the system of primary and secondary education in Gujarat was inadequate, there were only a handful of educational institutions in rural areas. 

Wheree are the good books to read in such times? The library is nowhere to be seen. In such a time, Motibhai Amin became the pioneer of library activities by establishing libraries with his own ingenuity. The poet Shri SS Rahi says: ‘If the Lord sculptor sits on the edge of the citation, he has to make a stone. Motibhai was attracted to books with school friends like Bhilabhai, Purohit and Lalji. 

Duringg the summer holidays everyone gathers and reads new books - discusses. In doing so, a 'Vidyarthi Samaj' was formed and he started 'Vidyarthi Pustakalaya'. In the month of April, 1884, under the guidance of Shri Hargovandas Kantawala, a student and with the help of Seth Navlakha of the village, a 'Public Library' was established in Vaso. From there, his library journey continued. Rajavi Sayajirao Gaekwad of Vadodara State went on a tour of America. Borden was appointed as the manager of the library department, but Mr. 

Borden began to have difficulty with the language, so the Gaekwad government sought out an assistant for him, Adari and Motibhai Amin. At a time when reading was considered to be the business of the Navara people, the arduous task of awakening the appetite for reading among the people was entrusted to him by Motibhai. Then Motibhai got involved in this work and prepared a report on the condition of libraries in Gujarat and planned to help libraries. Motibhai started going from village to village for public relations. 

Hee met the youth of the village, won the hearts of the youth, handed over the torch of library activity to them and also gave government help considering the economic condition of the village. Vadodara through his two years of hard work

 Teachers wish that maximum students will take advantage of this quiz ...

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 Government High School, Faradi

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