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Monday 26 October 2020

Guidelines About Opening School In Kutch


Guidelines About Opening School In Kutch

The Minister of Education met with the parents and teachers of Kutch regarding the Resumption of schools. Find out more details.

Cinema theaters, shopping malls have been allowed to open in phases with wide concessions. But schools are still closed. Consideration is being given to open closed schools in Gujarat after Diwali. Today, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama held an online meeting of principals, SMC members and parents of various schools in Kutch to know their views. In the meeting held in the presence of the education officers of the district primary and secondary education office, 18 important suggestions have been sorted out and sent to the director of primary education and the board of secondary and higher secondary education. 

The suggestions made in the meeting are as follows: schools of standard 9 to 12 should be started in which classes of 10 and 12 should also be given priority.
Corona ma shala kyare sharu thasje?
Go Schools should ensure full compliance with COVID-19 - Schools should have more entry points for student admissions Schools should not have recesses for students as transition It is possible to get the consent form of the parents of the students to be sent to the school as well as to see the certificate of the health department that the child is not infected. Special look. Do not send the child in another vehicle.

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If Village is started in school, it should be studied along with the discussion of the main topics of Std. 10 12. Students as well as staff should be given immunity booster doses from the government or other institutions for not sending the child in another vehicle. Students should use items brought from home such as snacks, water bottles etc. Facilities Every child should be admitted to the hostel within the limit of 50 per cent only after being tested.
The Minister of Education met with the parents and teachers of Kutch regarding the resumption of School, find out more details 

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