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Saturday 4 December 2021

Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 1/12/21 to 15/12/21.

 Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 1/12/21 to 15/12/21.

Education,Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 2021-22,Date :1/12/21 to 15/12/21.

Where is our value education lost ??? Admission to the best school / college or self-financed university nowadays seems to be in season.  Advertisements of various self-financed schools / colleges and universities can be seen in the holdings on the city highways, just like the advertisements of various megamols in the cities with many facilities.  The question then arises as to whether these are the educational institutions, the corporate houses of the Educational Industries, whose mass production continues to outpace the unemployed!

 Campus spread over more than 50 acres of land, world class infrastructure, famous faculty, more than 150 courses, an educational campus full of various facilities, such an advertisement would make the common man swallow.  The society thinks that taking admission of a child in such a campus means crossing the bed.  Our seven generations will swim.  But this is just an illusion of human beings. The reality is that not only the 100 best universities in the world but also the first 500 universities in India.  Not involved.

 The hunger for knowledge has re-emerged in India, the common man has come to understand the value of education i.e. literacy.  In any society, education, health and food should be available to everyone at an affordable price.  Instead, when a person tries to give the best education to his child by taking an education loan or even using his own capital, the question is whether the only good education is the one that gets good infrastructure or pays a hefty fee?

 Even in the 3 degree heat of India, wearing a blazer and tie, a chic English speaking M.B.A.  If the graduate does not have enough civic sense to park the car in such a way as not to obstruct the traffic on the road, it will work but one degree is required.  Think about whether we are on the right path?

 ‘Beta kabil bano kabil-kamayabi to sali jakh mar ke tumhare pichhe aayegi’ is the real joke in Three Idiots.  Does education make a student capable in the present times?

 ‘The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.’

 The brain is not an empty vessel to fill things, but a candle to light a fire.  U.S.  Harvard University, the world's No. 1 university.  It has so far given the world 3 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Heads of State and 3 Sir Pultzir Prize winners.  Not only that, Harvard University's library has 3 branches and the world's first university with 15 million (15,000,000) volumes, i.e. books.  There is a library.  I would say that it is a matter of great pride to be the head of any department of this university, because not only by setting the standard, in fact this person is considered as an expert in that subject in the society.

 One has to compare with foreign countries and now all one has to do is think that 'Hum Kahan Hai' is something that anyone can take this opportunity.  Don't understand that imitating Western is the same and therefore the best education is not at all and not at all but it is a matter of lighting the lamp of the mind.  We have to organize all the stereotypes in one frame!

 In the present Indian education, from the very first step of DBY, the first thing that is done is to dull the child's imagination in the name of discipline.  Here the child asking the quirky question is counted as a naughty tapuda.  If the stereotype is correct then the school report card figures are correct.

 Some fundamental changes in the education system are essential for the bright future of India.  like

 Only quality teachers who are really interested in education should come in this field. Education is not the last choice.  Even the result oriented refresher course of these professors will be done from time to time.  At present, there are thousands of professors in many government universities who do not even remember the last time they took a class in their subject.  Such people are coughing up the system like weeds.

 New research, independent thinking style, originality must be given more importance than the examination method of Gokhania knowledge.  Emphasis must be placed on skillbase education.

 One home may not be right for everyone.  Shri Ravishankarji spoke very nicely.  ‘If you can’t understand it with your method, explain it with the method it understands.’ - one size does not fit all.

 Now is the time to say goodbye to the last and most important colonial education system.

Where has the glory of India gone ???
 In today's society when man becomes a monster and devours every person in the society.  If the other class becomes a silent spectator and demonstrates.  Ther ther women are undressed.  Even the so-called gentlemen enjoy chirharan by putting their understanding in the nave.  Holi is celebrated on the day of sacraments, children and old people are also hanging out in cinemas and mobiles, songs of characterless movies are being heard in the morning instead of Veda Tejasvi Ghosh, women stories are being read, hugs and kisses are seen on mobiles and TV.  Such a naked society is called Samaj Naj because a society without understanding which has no understanding can be called a bunch of demons.

 The teacher is never ordinary
 Doom and gloom flourish in his lap.

 The above line has become limited to good thinking only today.  Because today we see the cataclysm, the cataclysm.  Creation or creation is nowhere to be seen.  So what do we understand.  Where did the brilliant and energetic teachers who created it get lost?

 200 years ago Swami Vivekananda told an English official that .. if your country tailor make personality
 But our country charachters make personality.  That is, in your country, your tailors embrace your character, while in our country, our characters embrace our character.

 In the soil of the country, God has taken ten incarnations.  In a country where great saints like Shankaracharya, Eknath, Tukaram, Mirambai, Narasimha Mehta, Swami Vivekananda have become.  In a country where many heroes have sacrificed their lives for the motherland and self-government.  In a country where the Tapovan education system is also admired by foreign travelers, if the value education has become zero today, then the then state system, the then education system, and the then teachers can be responsible for it.

 Today, if the country is to become a golden bird again, then every person in the country must wear the ornaments of Vedas and ideas of culture.  In order to build an ideal society, every person has to abandon the victims and make the springs of sacraments flow.  Then the glory of India will be seen.
 India wins ... 
Our Tapovan Education - Part-1

 In the Vedic period, education was in the hands of sages.  They run Tapov.  Thousands of students were studying in Tapovan one by one.  There were sixty thousand students in Tapovan of Yajnavalkya.  Penance: Self-taught sages spent a single moment of their lives selflessly educating their children, instead of spending it on personal or family interests.  Education without the expectation of finance or power would grow in the students instinctively.  If a student, who had graduated from Tapovan as well as a graduate, found a king in front of him on the way, he would get down from the chariot or elephant and ask the skill of the student - such brilliance was created in the student as a result of education.  The sanctity of education was so maintained, the level of moral-spiritual values ​​was so high that both the powerful and the rich worshiped the scholar. 

 He understood his misfortune if his wealth came in the work of Tapovan.  Apart from interfering in the teaching activities of the universities, the king used to come to the sage's ashram on foot like a common man, taking off his royal pomp before entering the limits of Tapovan.  If the king accidentally enters the limits of Tapovan while hunting deer, a seven year old child of the ashram can stop the king by moving his hand horizontally.  As soon as the king realized his mistake, he would not be ashamed to apologize to the young child.

 In Tapovan, education is closely linked to life.  Special care was taken to ensure that education did not become a mere source of information or a means of earning money.  Scholarships, debates, rebuttals, and above-the-neck discussions શિક્ષણ which have nothing to do with life ઓમાં are found in educational institutions today. 

 Even though everyone knows this, they are expressing pessimism that 'nothing can happen in this'.  Tapovan was taught in a residential manner, in which the teachers lived with their families on the premises of the ashram.  Since the students as well as the teachers were living together in the ashram in their respective departments, seeing the application of intellectual knowledge in the life of the teacher, they would try to make their own life as well.  Demonstration of virtue was seen by the students.  The student was impressed by the uniformity of the teacher's speech, behavior, thought and practice and became obedient and imitated.  Symbiosis makes informal education possible, hence the acquisition of knowledge is instinctive.

 Special care is taken to keep the student life simple, self-reliant and active in Tapovan.  The student has to cook on his own, wash the dishes himself, eat plain-pepper-spice-free food.  In Tapovan, students have to engage in activities from five in the morning to ten at night.  Jajru-bathroom cleaning, gardening: in which digging, weeding, weeding, fertilizing-watering, cleaning the hall, garbage-self etc. all kinds of labor were done by the student instinctively.  The rule was that every student should sunbathe in order to strengthen the body and bring the qualities of the sun to life.  Tapovan's student would stay away from youthful perversions because he would get the kind of environment in which he was only interested in developing his creativity.  The sacred atmosphere of the temple as well as the educational complex where Vedghosh is performed morning and evening.  No outsiders were allowed on campus or students were allowed out.  In this way, the student would have the opportunity to become detached from the contact of the external material world and to harmonize with the sacred atmosphere of Tapovan.
 The process of teaching depends on the relationship.  What role should a teacher teach?  ‘A mother needs a hundred teachers.’ So if the teacher himself teaches in the role of ‘mother’, what could be worse than that?  Students from the age of seven to twelve come to Tapovan and study there till they reach the age of twenty five.  During that time not a single penny was taken for their accommodation, meals or education.  Is it true that mother takes fee from her child?  In order to develop life, it is necessary to teach the student the life-oriented philosophy of Vedas and Upanishads in the morning.  Jurisprudence should be taught to prepare the intellect.  At the same time, linguistics is also essential.  Once the knowledge of the language and the intellect is ready, the student is able to study any subject on his own.  Thus knowledge of logic as well as language is mandatory for any student of any discipline.

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