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Sunday 7 November 2021

Web Browser, Document Reader, Image Dictionary & Edutainment Short Videos

 Web Browser,  fails Reader,  photo Dictionary & Edutainment Short Videos 

MagTapp is the World's First Visual Web Browsing App with an Inbuilt Visual  fails Reader & Visual Dictionary.

 It also has Localized Interest-based Educational,  details , and News Short Video features along with Video Courses,  fails Library,

 categorize News section & Gaming.

Anyone who faces  strain while reading content online or in  fails or anywhere on their phone due to difficult English words just need to Tap on the word (long Press on the word) and a Visual Meaning of that Word will  ,metricized  in an instant with proper  clarification .

Easily switch to MagTapp Mode ON to  obtain the visual meaning while Switch OFF the MagTapp Mode to get the normal browsing  division like copy, paste, select all, translate and make notes.

Also enjoy  division like Dark Mode, Reading Mode, Ad Blocker , Ultra-Fast Loading speed with effortless privacy  defense in our Web Browser.

Use MagTapp’s Short Video Platform to understand anything within a minute. MagTapp Short Video section currently has over 100,000+ videos related to Study, Govt Exams, Learn English, DIY, General Knowledge, Motivation, Sports, Singing, Dancing, Health, Cookery, Travelling, etc. 

MagTapp Short Videos is all about Watching and  gangster  fails and Edutainment Short Videos that matter and make sense. You can also upload your video and  obtain   famous  in your local circle, build a fan base and earn money.

In the Short Video segment, we have institute a Monetization  division through which Content Creators will  obtain a variety of options to Monetize their Content like Referral Programs, Link and Sell your Product with our Short Videos and Accept alms for any Cause.

Soon MagTapp is going to introduce  income per 1,000 Views on their Short Video for our Content Creators.


Now with help of MagTapp, you can be a Social  affect and create an  affected  on society along with making money. 

Use  photo Dictionary for  finding Visual Meaning of Words.

Online Book Library - Download over 5,00,000+ Free and Paid Books, Notes, and Study Material related to UPSC, CBSE, NCERT, SSC, Academics, Digital Marketing, Health, Yoga, Fitness, Cookery, Motivation, Finance, Travel, etc.

Use Document Reader (MagDoc) for Reading Offline & Online   files with One Tap Visual Meaning. MagDoc is World's most Advance Document Reader with One Tap Visual Meaning,  file Listening,  file Editing,  fails Underlining  division . It is   generates  with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,  shine , Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Adobe PDF, etc.

User our divide  News Section for the most customized News curated for your choice and preference in English and in your selected local language.

Use MagTapp Translate (TranslateAll) for Translating Whats App, Facebook & Text SMS. Translate All by Mapping works on any app installed on your phone. It also has features like voice-to-text translation, Magic Translation, camera translation, and any other type of translation possible.

10,000+ Visual Idioms are added for students preparing for Various Competetive Examinations with One Tap Visual Meaning feature.

Word Game is added in the Game section for  change Words Searched on MagTapp App.

Download this APK Here

We have added over 1000+ Video Courses on different topics. These free courses will empower users to grow professionally and personally.

Currently, MagTapp Image Dictionary & Translation is available in 41 Languages of which 12 Indian Languages are Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Odia, Urdu, Nepali, and 30 International Languages.

Now, MagTapp has almost become a Super App having multiple features like Web Browser, Document Reader, Image Dictionary, Translation, Games, Online Book Library with 500,000+ Books, Short Video Platform, and Social Media.

The best thing is that everything is  obtainable in a single app and the Size of MagTapp is just 48 MB.

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