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Friday 19 November 2021

One more concrete step of the state government in the field of digital Gujarat construction will be available to the citizens of the state from Diwali onwards.

One more concrete step of the state government in the pasture of digital Gujarat  building will be  obtainable to the citizens of the state from Diwali on wards.

The QR Code will be available on copy so that its authenticity can be verified on-line by any person-organization. Revenue Minister Shri Rajendrabhai Trivedi has said that  By making transparent services available to the citizens.  

As a part of which, the state government has taken a more  tristep today and given the gift of Diwali.  From today, Form Nos. 6, 7/12, 8-A of Revenue Record will now be available online.  

The Minister of  income said that the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel has taken this important decision for the public welfare and easy  sensibleness of  needy  income fails  of the citizens.  

He added that the important record for land is at present more copies of Village Sample No. 4, 6/12, 8-A which are available from Taluka E-Dhara Centers / E-Village level.  

Anyone can now  obtain a digitally signed copy online and this copy will be considered authorized for use.  

The copy fee for this will also have to be paid online.  Digitally signed copy can be obtained from AnyRoR ( or 1 - ORA ( portal.  A copy of the QR Code will be available on this copy so that any person can  con firm its authenticity online, he added. 

 It may be mentioned here that in order to make the documents of revenue services easily and  obtainable  available to the citizens of the state, the state government has been  deliver  these services through  many clever  exited adding i-ORA portal which has  follow in saving time and money for the  of the state.  

The Minister also congratulated the officers and employees of Revenue Department, National   information Center and Science and Technology Department for making these services  obtainable online.  Dilip Gajjar

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