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Friday 2 July 2021

Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 3/7/2021

 Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 3/7/2021 

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It is necessary to be disciplined in order to be successful in any situation by planning for the attainment of B.Su. Sumi Paim must be disciplined in various aspects (by adopting the battle of Sun. 

Itt will also bring virtues from vidha. Aam itself is an excellent secret. 'Swachhta tya prabhuto' Prabhu lives where there is cleanliness. Adopting the virtue of mental and external hygiene protects one from deficit hygiene diseases In order to understand the value, various activities should be organized at school level to make the student think from a scientific point of view.

 Or when Max comes down, he gets frustrated and does something awkward, so the student has a scientific point of view to prevent him from doing something awkward. I want to think, why fail? Why is less Marcus coming? If he does research and observes it, he will definitely get the answer. That is why education should be provided in a suitable environment for the student to think from a scientific point of view. 

Thee key to success is self-confidence, a person should not lose confidence in any situation, maintaining self-confidence is the key to success even in adverse circumstances. Efforts should be made to make the student self-sufficient. Life is full of struggles, a life of struggle shows a glimpse of victory. Maintain self-confidence. It becomes just like a human being thinks, always to do good thoughts and not to remove bad thoughts from the brain funga ma) Theinus jay. It is my own business, [for the sake of manikva, to sleep, to meditate, to read the world in my opinion, to inspire the school meditation in the prayer meeting for the words of the villa to happen in my mind. My mother Kova, it is only a matter of time before the establishment of pure thoughts. Hp. The person has to deal with the other person's faults in a proper way by keeping them in check. 

Takingg a little more work by speaking a little is a virtue of etiquette that is acquired through study and practice. Maybe. It does not require any antagonistic Sanj B or Cuff clan, a person of any position can effortlessly bring the practice of Ritachar to life, it requires the tenderness of a sensitive heart. Such a person also pays attention to the small things in his dealings and life course so that the bean is removed. It is necessary to pay attention to the feelings of the seed in etiquette. How does a student sit in school? How to call How to behave It can only be taught by a courteous teacher. Therefore the teacher should cultivate the virtue of etiquette, the person should be patient. Having peerage in any work. The patient person receives the ghost. The student should cultivate the virtue of being able to cope with the crisis that befalls him patiently. Everywhere, inside and outside, I have to increase my votes. True friend is like Guru. Spashani can bring a friend to the level of mental well-being by making him realize the real situation. In the face of a true friend, man can overcome his evils, weaknesses, and mistakes. It can be found without questioning and people face adversity because of their self-confidence. But I have faith in myself. - Mohammed Ali May 25, 2021

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